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How to reunite rose with an old friend


With the way this is written, it would make a great movie plot. <3


Good night. I created an account here because it seems to be where you read feedback from the players.
First, sorry if I make any grammar mistake. I'm Brazilian and not not fluent in english).
I wanted to thank you for the spetacular game that you have provided for free. It gave my several hours of fun. Last sunday I was laying in my bed and, without noticing, played for about 5~ straight hours. It really pass the feeling of imersion that the great productions have.
Good luck in your work. I already played the first chapter of the second book. Waiting for the sequence. Bye!


Befriend the deer in Chapter 2 by spending at least 2 points in Ancient Languages, and then tell Rose it's not her fault that Molan's father died.


Thank you for bother to answering my question


How do I have a one night stand with Rose?


This game is amazing, I love the characters and the story sucks me in and immerses me! Fantastic writing. Please do more!



I was wondering on your opinion on what are the most important stats in the game?


I'm very grateful to you, sir, this Interactive Fiction History has given me the excitement i've been looking for in a long time.

Thanks a lot.

In other topic, have you considered translating your work? maybe this way your game can reach more people and engage them with your work, i would gladly help you out if you decide to this in the future.


Depends on how you want to play the game tbh. I usually go for premonition battle tactics ancient language reflect speed and hearing.


I usually do this by complimenting her breast, and being nice and comforting her when she panics.


It depends on what you prioritize.
If you want to save Rose you need observation, hearing and speed (all 4/4); if you want to defeat the giant in disguise you need 4/4 reflex and 2/4 combat technique (maybe? ); if you want to reunite Rose with the deer family, find the architect's note and it's puzzle piece, or understand goblins or read Eiden's message across the sky (albeit you need observation) then choose ancient languages. What you want to do depends on you, but you max out, about 4 stats. I found toughness and strength least useful, probably because my strategy was to dodge at all cost, but if you want to attack them head on you should probably use strength and toughness (when fighting golems)

But @Nemeean_lion might be more capable.
Loved the the second book's 1st chapter by the way.


Thanks I'm gonna try this! (I'm sure I'm not the only one who was wondering this c; )


Alright I'm stupid.I have either made a false choice or I passed it... More details? Like chapter, or crucial choices?

Did you mention to the Giant (Hagrid? Havrid? XD) that you are interested in her when he proposes a drink? Honestly, I can't believe how you are not able to romance her, I was able to on every single play through!
**Edit:** Have you tried flirting at every instance?


I did. Also,what do you mean by one night stand,do you mean the inappropriate or something else?
Edit:I believe yes.
Edit 2:The only things I may have done wrong that come to my mind is confronting her,the decision after the breast comment or that I passed it...


One night stand means an intercourse with her when you reach her home after saving Ela (Don't if you should). The breast option is somewhere around after you meet her.


Edit:Elaya ok. Is it on the 11th chapter? Sorry to ask way too many questions but... What do you mean don't if you should?

She is the slavegirl whom the noble was beating.
I meant that I don't know if you have to save her, but now I think you probably should.

I think we should use spoiler tags.


Ok I'll try. Btw I don't know how to use spoiler tags... XD


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