Magium- The mage tournament- Now Available on the iOS App Store!

Edit: Magium is now available on the iOS App Store! Many thanks to everyone who helped me out with the testing and the screenshots! Here’s the link:

I just finished working on the iOS version of my game, Magium, and I need some help with testing, because the only iOS device I have is an iPhone 5S. What I need the most is devices that have screen sizes of 5.5 inches and 12.9 inches, but for starters, any device that is not an iPhone 5S will do.

If you want to help with testing, please reply to this thread, or send me a PM, and I’ll tell you what you need to do to get started. The in app purchases in the test version are free, so you won’t need to see any ads, and you won’t need to complete any achievements in order to unlock the next book. (of which only the first 4 chapters have been written)

This game has been on Google Play for a while, and I already have a thread on this forum for the released version, but for those who missed the previous Magium threads, here is a quick summary of what the game is about:

Magium is a text adventure game where you play as an ordinary guy trying to win a mage tournament against the most powerful mages in the world, in the hopes of winning the grand prize, and using it to fulfill your lifelong dream of becoming a mage yourself.

As you progress, you will also get to know the inhabitants of the continent that the tournament takes place on, and you will learn that a person called the Creator established several utopias in this realm a few hundred years ago, where animals and humans could live in harmony, and where food was created through magic. What you will get to experience throughout the game, however, is the downfall of these utopias, and you can even choose to save them from destruction if you so desire.

Besides the traditional choice making, you also have stats you can level up, and there are different checks in the game to see if you have the necessary level to take a certain action. For example, if your ancient languages level is high enough, you can understand when the animals or monsters speak.


Hi! I’m interesting in participating. I own an iPhone 7 Plus.

This is a fun game. I’ve played it on android and I’m eagerly looking forward to the release of chapter 5 of book 2. I’d definitely volunteer to help out if I had an iphone.

I have an iPad 4, if it will help you, I would gladly test it for you.

@Leondark @Urban

Perfect! If it’s not too much trouble, I could use some screenshots for those two devices, to put on my app store page. Ideally, I would like to have the same screenshots as the ones on my Google Play store:

If it’s all right with you, then I’ll tell you how to reach those scenes in a PM. They’re all in the first 3 chapters of the game, so it’s relatively easy to get to them.

When you want to start testing, just give me your mail addresses through PM, so I can send you invites to the Beta. I’m not 100% sure of this, but you might have to give me the mail addresses that you use for logging in to your iOS devices, for this to work.

Magium is now available on the iOS App Store! Many thanks to everyone who helped me out with the testing and the screenshots! Here’s the link: