Guide For codes while Posting Replies, Creating Threads ETC

Click here for the guide and here for the tutorial.

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We have these little things on top of the message box that make our texts in italics, bold, etc… you know, the small bubble for quoting someone, the B (for bold), the I (italics), the little face for emojis…

If you want to code a game, then it’s BBcode




I know not all codes, but a few.

You use [b] and [/ b] (delete the space between the / and b) to make it look like this= fat

Same for italics, just with an i instead of the b
For spoilers (making everything blurry), you insert ‘spoiler’ for the b

You can also use stars instead of all the [b] things:
One star to make everything look italic
Two for bold
three for fat and bold.


This should answer a lot of the different ways to format in the forums:
Forum formating

You can also use:
Forum Tricks thread



Others I know would be these here:

[url][/url ]
Place an url inside, like this:
After the ] you can write whatever you want. As this is the Link for my Game-Thread, I would now insert ‘From Ashes We Rise’ and end it with [/url ] (again, delete the space inside or else it won’t work.)
In the end, it would look like this if you manage to get it to work:

From Ashes We Rise

Underline works if you swap the B or I in the [] to U


Eh… yes. But I don’t know them all, just the ones I use the most.

A link.

An image.



Alright, try it like this:

You know that the basic command is like the others;

Now you insert ‘=’ into the first part:

Of course, now you need the actual url. You copy it from the link you have and insert it after the ‘=’ :

And that’s about it. Have fun.

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Yea, the syntax on the forums is kinda all over the place. As a quick note, The tilday (`) is <code> (for inline coding notes, such as writing <pre> and </pre>), and backslash (\) forces the next character to display rather than be replaced with its associated syntax (so *choice is written as \*choice, (to prevent random italics while describing *code in line) and *italics* is written by typing \*italics\* (which itself is written as `\italics\`, and how to write that is left as an exercise to the reader, although I’ll note at that point I’m using more punctuation than letters)). Also You can do a heading by starting a line with ##, Those should actually be useful in tiding up your list.


You mind if I do so? The base includes everything, just a little clean up (which, yea, in a pita on a phone).

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Anyone know how to underline in choice script? Thanks!

@PhoenixReborn @Reaperoa @Nekumura @Lycoris

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I don’t know if it is possible to underline in a choicescript game. There doesn’t appear to be anything on the wiki or on the choicescript coding page to suggest you can do it i’m afraid.

This topic was asking about posting in the forum however and if that is what you’re asking then the title post explains how (which is what I first thought you were asking when I read your question, apologies)

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no problem, and yeah I read and searched everywhere for about 20 minutes but found nothing then I found this thread. I know it might not fit with this thread(sry bout that) exactly but I thought if anyone could tell me one of you would. @Maxmansung

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Now I know I’m getting way off topic sry but is there a way to do this:
*page_break On with the show!
*finish The show is over!
but with a *goto command?

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*Goto where?

Do you want to go to another line of text before the *finish or after it?

It may be worth making a new thread to ask about specific coding issues to your game, or I’m happy to PM with you now about it.

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@Maxmansung and I have been pm-ing but have not solved the problem yet. I’m pretty sure it isn’t possible, but I will try any new possibilities that come to mind and if I solve it I will post for future people with the same question.

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This topic covers how to tweak choicescript to allow for additional formatting - underscore and strikethrough, for instance. Maybe that will help - and it might be a more suitable thread for choicescript formatting questions, rather than forum formatting ones, as well.


@PhoenixReborn got room for a few more?

  • use the star/asterisk(*),
    with one line break before for bullet point.

also, there’s replacing <> </> using “code”

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We have a reference and tutorial at as well – take a look!


Now what, after looking at the link, I am gonna scrap this up.

is that how I do it?