Formatting Question

I’m currently working on a game in CS and it has been a long time since I’ve written anything. I was just wondering what kind of text formatting people use in their games. My game has quite a bit of dialogue, and I feel that sometimes the conversations can be a bit hard to follow.

Unfortunately, with CS, you don’t have much choice now. You can’t italicize, bold, or indent.

You should put a double carriage return after each paragraph or line of dialogue.

You can bold, actually. Use the html code < b >

No spaces. If I didn’t put spaces, it wouldn’t show up.

Great thank you for the advice.

That is good to know, I didn’t realize that before.

One thing I’ve said before (repeatedly) about dialog, is to always start a new paragraph when switching speakers. Beyond that it is grammatically correct to do so, it’s usually a cause of great confusion to not do so. (It seems to be too common a mistake.)

That said, your formatting shouldn’t be too different from what you’d do when writing plain fiction, with the exception of a necessary double return for new paragraphs (due to a lack of indenting), as mentioned by Horance.