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u can save i save her was with hearing 4, speed 4, observation 4


Hey @Nemeean_lion..
Love your work.. it's my first time reading something like this and it instantly hooked me.
I created this account just because of Magnium
Thanks for all the effort you put in this work.
It feels like one heck of a masterpiece.
And if you need any help, please do tell.
I would be really glad


Hey, just wanted to thank you for the wonderful game, it's curious because i never got really into reading books o anything in general, i always think in it as something i should do but i never really try it until i saw the game in the playstore and i just though it was the perfect oportunity to start since it was also a game, anyways what i want to say is that i really enjoyed the experience because i never imagined that reading could be this fun and it's thanks to you.

PD. I'm kind of sad that it is only available in english, maybe you could, in the future, try to change that so more people can get to read your work and enjoy it as much as i did. And i say that because my mother lenguage is not english (i guess you already knew by the way i write and my awful grammar heh) and even though i have knowledge of your lenguage i can't really share the game with my friends because they wouldn't understand it at all.
I hope all that make sense to you haha, anyways
Saludos desde colombia



I got the book from play store.I have a few questions how ever.
1.Is it possible to have Kate as a RO?
2.Does being a lassethi gives you any special power at all?
3.How about giving some clues about what attributes you're going to need most in the challenges to come so we can increase them that way?
4.And this is a completely personal point of view but I think killing Rose would make for a better story


Why killing rose make a better for

u cant rommance kate i tryed


Found this game while shuffling through the recommended games, and gotta say I loved it!!! Already got the ads out of the way and can't wait for the second one, this one is a master piece.


Is it possible to prevent Rose's death.


Yes its possible (20 char)


I really liked the game. It elwas well written and fun.but it would be nice to instead of only being able to save rose whith 4 hearing 4 observation,etc. U could save with, for exemplo, reflexes and combate technique. Because I want to be a badass warrior and save the most possible people. And wasting 12 points in things I don't rly want makes me sad


@Jptlopes You know that without hearing , speed, or observation, reflexes and combat technique would not be able to notice something coming out of nowhere to attack Rose to save her in time just saying


I start reading/playing your book a few days ago and i'm loving it. Thanks for sharing this world with us =)
I'm an illustrator and i'll be glad to draw you a cover or a few chapter images for you. I really like this saga, so i'll charge you nothing. Give me a call if you are interested.
Thank you once again


@Nemeean_lion I am solely joining for telling you that this is one of the most enjoyable read I had in awhile ehehe. Well...all in all I just wanna say thanks so much for making this, I really can't wait for the next chapter<3


but you could like with high reflexes Turn around really fast and shoot him with the crossbow, but if you had a low combate tecnique you would miss


The 1st chapter of the 2nd book is now uploaded to Google Play. Enjoy!


How do you get berserker mode achievement? I'm in chapter six and I still can't get it.


I am 15 hours late. Why timezones why?!


Is there a way to max all my stats



btw howd you get the kneed a break achievement?


Oh my god i just found out abou t the flower illuna .......prequel? //cry/ WHY DIDNT I FIND EM SOONER

omg im sorry i just like magium a lot ububu



You need to lose the fight with the dragon, but survive. The easiest way to do that is to cast all protections on yourself and then use the elemental spells.


If you're talking about the berserker mode achievement, then read the response I just gave to vampirekid. If you mean if there is a way to do that by yourself, then no, there isn't. I'll be doing a new game+ after I finish the entire series, where you can get as many stat points as you want, but that will be a long time from now.


For the kneed a break achievement, you'll need to have not shown yourself to Cutthroat Dave in chapter 1 at the beginning. This way, he will confuse you with Eiden in chapter 4, and fight him instead. The achievement is gained shortly afterwards.