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What was the update for?


If you’re talking about the latest update, I did it because there were some people who bought the game who were reporting that their “Proceed to next book” button was not displaying correctly. I did some changes in the way I was displaying the buttons, and hopefully, the issue has been fixed for everyone now.


Oh…I unlocked it through the achievements…


Is this your first book,or did you write another one before this?


Yes, this is my first book.


Wow this is a really great book for your first attempt!



I wanted to know if you want me to translate your game to Brazilian portuguese.

I played it and am in love with it, and really looking forward into spreading it, just wanted to know if you are interested.


That was great !
Downloaded this app on a whim and was stuck to my phone for two days, and now I’m waiting for the next book to come out.

Hope you have a clear idea of the ending(s), and good luck for next books, I’ll be here to read 'em :slight_smile:


I really love the book, but… Couldn’t you add the chance to start a relationship with Kate instead of Rose… I mean… I told Hadrik that there was nothing with us because I liked kate, just to end where they end after?

And as a feature, can you implement an import/export data save option?

PS. If you need someone to transleate the book to italian, count on me


@Nemeean_lion did say she will be a romantic interest, at the moment she is just busy finding her friend, she will probably be romancable around the end.



Well they had sex togheter, and there was no option “Sorry I like Kate”…


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Thanks for teaching that, I modified the post



You will have the chance in the last book,probably the fourth one.

The second book is out.You mean chapter.



No, I’m waiting for the entire book to come out to read it straight, even if I barely resist the urge to just begin reading it x)


Ok then.
That’s your choice! (Even though I would’t be able to resist)


You’re planning on waiting a whole year or more (1 or 2 months per chapter for 10 chapters) to read any of the second book? Wow, wish I had that kind of patience.


I didn’t play this so probably I don’t know enough about this game still the thing what’s a really big off for me aside from the gender locking (which would probably be justified if I’d actually start to play this game) is how the protagonist also has his name set. I mean why not leaving it up to the player? That would make the player feel more like they are playing with their own character and not with the authors character.


I think that setting the name has its importance here. It would break the immersion if someone just downloaded the app on a whim and entered a random username like Joizopplez just because they have no imagination. Or just trolled and named their character Hitler or something like that.
Plus, the name is fit to the world the author made, and the characters react to that name. They couldn’t really if the reader was able to name the main character.
It’s just a detail, you can get over it fast enough and just enjoy this story :slight_smile:


That could happen in every COG game.

Sorry, I still don’t understand why the MCs name has to be “Berry” and not whatever else the player feels like naming their MC to me it still seems like the player isn’t allowed to create their own character and if so I’m not sure I’d actually feel like I’m reading a CYOA.