Magium - The mage tournament - Now available on Google Play and App Store


I’m pretty sure Leila will be a permanent addition and as for Melindra, unless something happens and the rest of the team likes her, I don’t think she will stay…


Yup, agree. But something could happend that will force Leila to stay behind.


I agree. I wouldnt mind her being part of the team.


@Nemeean_lion How many chapters would Book 2 consist of? Will it be 11 like Book 1?

Also I think I came across a spelling mistake of sort. In Chapter 11 of Book 1 Rose tells us she wouldn’t want to give Kate the wrong idea if she “wondered” by. I think u meant "wandered"
It’s not a big problem since the meaning is apparent from the situation, but it wouldn’t hurt to be perfect.:wink:


Yes, the 2nd book will also have 11 chapters. Thanks for letting me know about the typo. I actually fixed it in the e-book, but forgot to also go back and fix it in the game. It will be fixed in the next update.


Achievements for chapters 1-8 of book 2 are now available on Android ( on iOS they will likely be available Tuesday) + extra path added to chapter 8. Sorry for making you wait. Read more details here:


If anyone here has played Magium could you help me with some of the achievements?

I also highly recommend the game/book, if your into fantasy.

I recommend leveling up Ancient Languages to 2 and Observation to 1 when you get your first three points, then hide behind Daren and ask Kate for help.


Also best bulid is the one which allows you to save rose.


Thx (20 character long)


@Nemeean_lion I didn’t save the game at the beginning of book 2, is there a way to start only book 2 again?


Chapter 9 of book 2 is now available on Google Play. Unfortunately, on the iOS it will only be available on 28 December at the earliest, because the Apple reviewers are on vacation for the holidays, and they’re not accepting updates to apps in this period.


Is it possible to view the game’s code?
I was kinda curious how different choices affect conversations (like whether you’d choose to be with Ross or not) without having to restart the whole book.


Dunno, but try asking on official reddit.



An option to restart book 2 from the beginning will be given to you after you finish the whole book.


No, the source code of the game will not be made available.


Chapter 10 has been uploaded to Google Play. There are also 9 extra save slots added in this update. On iOS, it should be available a few days later, depending on how long it will take Apple to approve the update.


Another great episode
Keep up the great work!!


It was a really good chapter. I wonder why I couldn’t get the stalker achievement though, was it because Rose is alive?


@Nemeean_lion can i request a future ro of illuna or Arraka, that will be amazing and hilarious xD
(i know is almost impossible to do, but im loving those 2 more and more with each update and now that book 2 is finished maybe you can think about it xD
btw i love the way our mc is growing (of being an ignorant, to be an smartass in magic in a short time)


Illuna and Arraka are both magical beings. Magical beings do not reproduce. As Arraka already explained, they get created from a part of the Magium.

Since they do not reproduce, they do not have the concept of ‘romance’. They’re technically aromantic asexuals.


I can’t wait for the last chapter!!