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Barry isn’t connected to any spirit, because he isn’t a mage. The magic he’s been able to cast so far was done through the aid of the stat device, not through his own power. You can also be a ‘mage’ and not be linked to a spirit if you were never an actual mage and only became one because your aura was altered, like in the case of Kate, Melindra, Diane, and Diane’s brother.


Yes, but the achievements for book 2 will be revealed after the book is finished. There will be a contest to see who can get all the achievements completed the fastest, on android, where there are leaderboards.


Oh yeah. I forgot Barry isnt a mage. @Nemeean_lion I think i got caught up in the explanation of magic and automatically thought Batrry is connected to something other than the device.


@Nemeean_lion How far ahead on the story have you actually planned but not written? Do you already have an idea about how this will end or do you go with the flow? (Just some random questions :p)


I just published the e-book version of the game on Amazon. It has only one of the paths, and it’s not in CYOA format, but I also included some of the information from the other paths.

Amazon wouldn’t let me sell it for free, but I can make it free on certain days. It will be free for the first time this Sunday, and then again the Sunday after this one. Oh, and I could really use some reviews…

If you buy the e-book before Sunday, and you review it, please take the time to mark the review as “Verified Purchase”, because Amazon prioritizes these reviews and puts them in front.

Here’s the Amazon link:


Fyi, the e-book version of the Magium’s first book is free for the next 22 and a half hours or so.

Don’t forget to leave a review, if you download it! Make sure to leave the review after you read some of it though, so it registers as a Verified Purchase.

The advantage of the e-book is that you can re-read chapters without having to load or restart a game, and that you can look for specific words by using the search feature.

The link is the one from the post above, but I’ll put it here too, just in case:


been playing the game for the past few days and so far I’m loving this game :smiley:, too bad it’s not all done yet so I’m holding back every now and then, currently on last chapter of the first book and hesitating to go forward, afraid of having to wait lol

Anyway, gonna pay (edit, paid) to support your development, can’t wait for the story to continue :smiley:


First of all… wow. Just wow.

I don’t know how to thank you for bringing this wonder work of skill. The story is captivating, it’s distracting, its just down right awesome. I just finished reading chapter 6 of the 2nd book and im blown away.

You are an amazing writer and I sincerely hope that you can continue to give us more and more books, and I really hope the story will exceed 5 books. I just can’t get enough!

I’m not that easily captivated by a story you know. It’s super rare. The only other story that I’ve ever went crazy over was a game of Playstation 1 called “The legend of dragoon” and now THIS. Magium rocks.

I love you <3


Any telling on when the next chapter will be released? I remember it’s supposed to be at the end of August.


Sorry, it’s going to be at least a few more days until I get done with the chapter. You can see more details about the delay at this link:


It’s okay, we’ll be here patiently waiting :slight_smile:


Chapter 7 is finally available… (for android)

This chapter is shorter if you didn’t choose to help king Golmyck deal with the lessathi from Thilias back in chapter 1, but I added an option at the beginning to help him regardless of your initial choice, so you don’t have to replay the whole book. This option will no longer be available once the book is completed.

Also, the e-book will be free on 10 September (Pacific Daylight Time). After this it won’t be free for at least a few months, so be sure to get it now, if you don’t already have it.

For iOS, it will be a few more days until it is available, since from what I’ve seen so far, Apple employees, don’t work in the weekend, so they won’t be there to review the update until Monday. (I’ll probably be done with the iOS version tomorrow, or after tomorrow)


@Nemeean_lion Hi. First of all, I’m a huge fan of ur work. I don’t know how my life would have been if I had not come across Magium on play store. That said, I’m currently in a bit of trouble. I was happy to see that the Magium e-book was available for free on Amazon on 10th Sept (PDT). But then I learned that it is not available in my country (India). Plz help me.


If you are from India, you need to get the e-book from the site not the one. If you get it from there, it should be available.


@Nemeean_lion It worked! OMG!!! Thank you so much. :heart_eyes:


The e-book is free today (10 September) on amazon. You can all get it at this link: or by searching for Magium on the Amazon site specific to your country.


Was the e-book free only on September 10th? Because it appears it isn’t free anymore.

Nevermind just read this “the e-book will be free on 10 September (Pacific Daylight Time). After this it won’t be free for at least a few months” more carefully.


Fyi, chapter 8 of book 2 has been uploaded to Google Play. On iOS, it will most likely become available Thursday, because it usually takes them at least a day to verify a new update.


Every chapter is better than the last one.
Keep up the great work !!


Great chapter,as always. But damn, that choice with Melindra at the end was one of the hardest choices so far. I had to make 3 different saves just in case I changed my mind.


Yeah, choice was damn brutal. And Melindra… this cheeky brat really grows on me.

I hope she don’t betray us. Also, I really hope that either she or Leila will become permanent addition to the team, but probability of them being temporary party members of this book, like Rose in the first one, are quite real. -,-