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One was in chapter 3 of book 1, where if you saved Kate from the dart and went with her plan, you could shoot the noble in the head, even if you hadn’t acquired a crossbow on that path.

The other was in chapter 10, where at first when Arraka makes the map hologram of the ogre stronghold, she says that the dot corresponding to the shaman is green, but later on, when she has a discussion with the shaman, the text said it was purple, instead of green.


Chapter 5 of book 2 is now also available on the iOS App Store.


That chapter made my freaking day! Who else read it?


I just uploaded chapter 6 of book 2 on Google Play. On iOS I unfortunately ran into a nasty bug, so it may take a few more days until I fix it. I’ll keep you posted.


I noticed a bug on android, with the new update. On chapter 8, when the game checks for ancient language, the game cannot continue. When I press continue, it doesn’t do anything, effectively stopping progress.

FYI, I have 4 on ancient language. This the bug on iOs?


I am really enjoying your Magium.series and have finished the first book and started the second, what I want to know is are you going to add achievements to book 2 like you did with book 1? They really helped make it more interesting for me.


I ran into this bug as well. It’s right after starting chapter 8, when you reach the decision to either wait and speak to the leader or let Hadrik break through the wall. After choosing to break the wall the party proceeds down the corridor and reaches the puzzle. The stat check is lvl 3 in ancient languages. If you only have the required amount, which is 3, it will let you pass. But not if you have 4 in ancient languages, then the game will freeze except for the main menu buttons. Passing it with 3 is the only way around the bug, that I’ve found.


Can i just say how great you are?


Damn it… When I lowered the requirement for the ancient languages level from 4 to 3, I didn’t notice that I was only checking if the level equals 4(since there was no higher level than 4). By changing only the number in the condition from 4 to 3, I made it so that the game only checks if your level is 3, but not above.

What a stupid way to add a bug.

Anyway, thanks a lot to @Loop_Stratos and @Zekistential for their very detailed feedback. When people first told me they were getting stuck in chapter 8, I was assuming that it was because of that other bug I fixed earlier, and I thought that their versions were just not getting updated properly, lol.

I uploaded a new version (1.41) which should fix the problem. I tested it and it works with level 4 now. Hopefully there will be no more bugs.


Don’t mean to ruin your hopes. It’s right after you break out and need to pass the ancient languages check. Whenever i press continue the text doesnt change, the page just gets longer and longer until there is a wide space between the continue button and the text.


Your version probably didn’t get updated properly. Go to the main menu and check what it says at the bottom right corner of the screen. It needs to say Version 1.41.


I have noticed that in the android version of the game if you save in a new chapter, you have to load from last checkpoint before loading from where you last saved the game, otherwise you will just get a loading screen.
Other than that, it is an amazing and very well written game and I can’t wait for the seventh chapter of the book.


If you’re talking about the “Please wait…” message, I’m pretty sure that only happens if you save a game and then immediately load from the exact same slot where you just saved while you’re still on the same screen. Even so, all you need to do to get rid of the please wait message is to go back to the main menu and then to return to the game. You don’t need to load any checkpoints.

This is an older bug that’s been there for a while and I’ve always postponed fixing it because it happens very rarely, it’s easy to avoid, and it’s only a minor inconvenience. Maybe I’ll fix it someday, but I don’t think it will be before the next chapter.


just ended chapter 6 of book 2. Barry is just great. Hey @Nemeean_lion if you dont mind me asking, If each mage is connected to a spirit in the magical plane of existence, is Barry going to meet the spirit he is connected to or become aware of who it is


Thank you I can’t wait to try it out


Chapter 6 is out?!? Do the updates come on android first?


Yes. Updates will always come out on android first because Google approves the updates immediately, while Apple can keep you waiting for days before they verify the new version. I uploaded the new version to Apple saturday, but it hasn’t been approved yet. This time there was also a bug on the iOS that took me a while to fix, which delayed the release on this platform for another 2 days.


Okay, it got approved. Chapter 6 is now also available on iOS.


God, this chapter was simply beautiful. Love more information about how exactly magic of this world(and the world itself) works. And Barry attained yet another level of awesomness.
Oh, but a minor… not really complaint, more like a wish? Last 3 chapters was full of plot and action and that was awesome, but now I’m getting really hungry for some romance/shipping +_+


Thanks good to know.