Magium - The mage tournament - Now available on Google Play and App Store



Unfortunately, I’ve had to change the estimation date of the release of chapter 5 to end of May, due to the workload I’ve had on the iOS launch.

In related news, Magium is now available on the iOS App store. Here’s the link:


Premonition was always supposed to be more unreliable than the other stats, since you can’t know when it will be triggered. So far it’s mostly been something of a poor man’s spider sense, but I’m planning to add some more variation to visions, like for example in chapter 2 of book 2, where you can get a vision of Wilhelm betraying you in the arena, 3 days later.

It is used pretty often in the 1st book, though. Certainly more often than say, toughness, or combat technique. You probably just ended up on a path where you didn’t really get many premonition checks.

Magium - WIP - Interactive novel

No problem.
Just take your time


The hype is still going strong


E3’s also coming :rolling_eyes:


Lol true but I love Magium


I thought Kate can be another choice of romance? I never admit loving Rose since the beginning and reserve the chance with solely Kate, i told her “Because i am in love with you” when Kate put her ice dagger to my throat…LOL

Hence i would assume Kate should be another choice of romance if Barry didn’t spent a night with Rose… but now, i reach to the point where i met Leina, and she seems quite fond of Barry as well…so there should be at least 3 romance choice, if we include Illuna, there might be 4 romance options… , LOL


Kate will be a choice of romance in one of the next books.


Great to hear that… I think it is only logical that Kate has feeling for Barry too… because in the beginning she asked Barry whether what Daren said was truth, and told Barry to wait till she finish her task (my path of story)


I’m waiting… the hype is strong…


Same here man
Almost there


Your WiP link is still up. I’m not sure how completed it is but it allows people to do load the game. Consider taking it down, or a mod somehow removing it.
(Dropbox link on android allows you to download ‘magium’ under the name the magic tournament)


I have both the actual full game (Magium) and the Who link and (so far) they seem exactly the same so maybe take the WiP Dropbox link down?


The WIP is only until chapter 10 of book 1. Plus, the interface is a little different. I don’t think it’s doing any harm, so I didn’t see any reason to remove it yet. I might remove it in the future.

As for chapter 5, judging by the progress I’ve made so far with the coding, I’d say that it will most likely be ready on the 2nd of June (for android). For iOS, a few days later.


Chapter 5 of book 2 has been uploaded to Google Play. It should be available in the next few hours, depending on your region.

The iOS version will be ready a few days later.


mmm magical railguns

gonna wait for next update again


Another great chapter
Keep up the good work!!!


So glad this is on the App Store. Been meaning to try this.


I tried to pase myself on the fifth chapter to make it last a while. It lasted one hour and fifteen minutes with frequent breaks.


I wonder what were the plot inconsistencies mentioned in the update?


Interesting plot twist. I was really wondering how you could end the arena fights.