Magium - The mage tournament - Now available on Google Play and App Store


The update should be coming any time soon, right?


I only just now got done with the writing, so it’s going to be a while longer, since I still need to code.

I was initially planning to reserve 7 days or more for the coding, because this is the longest chapter I’ve done in terms of word count, and also the one with the most variation, but there are only 5 days left until the end of march. It’s likely that the update will come in one of the first days of april.


Im really looking forward to it Magium has been a very interesting book to read and I can’t wait :slight_smile:


And here’s another book I’ll be waiting for, haha.

Starting to run out of stuff to read :upside_down_face:


Can’t wait for the March update. Thanks for keeping things interesting as well as challenging.


4th chapter has just been uploaded. It should be available in the next few hours, depending on your region. Enjoy!


Wow gr8 gonna check of available or not yet waiting for a long time …For upgrade , I think it is pretty big chapter ,as it took some extra time to finish and get available …


It’s the biggest so far in terms of total word count, but there’s also a lot of variation, so the actual length of the chapter will vary, depending on which path you are on. Plus, there was also the cloud save update in this time frame, which took up quite some time.


I just finished the new chapter Really loved Hadrik in this one and I have a question, after the chapter’s release,there have been 2 updates. Were they bug fixes and stuff? Also,what would be the worst possible outcome for this chapter?


It says on Google Play every time what the updates are for. Usually, if it’s only a few weeks or less after a chapter’s release, it’s either going to be bug fixes or small features.


Hey I’m in love with your book, it was created so creatively, the only thing bothering me is the achievement on chapter 5 the stat device wielder. You told a hint already but I still can’t fight him. Kate does


You need to let Kate be hit by the dart in order to get the achievement


Hi… I had just started reading your story and i love it immediately … the story is very unique and interesting , at the same time it is the “old school” companionship/fellowship story that let us care for the story characters and continue to follow them through their unique adventures .

I really love the story and the characters there very much , please continue your good works :slight_smile:


can you play this on PC?


Great book so far, definately one of the best I have read.
Btw I knew that we would have to fight the troll even if we didn’t free the minotaur
Can’t waiting for chapter 5 to see what happens!!!


I really want Flower route


I’m curious about the match when you fight other people. Will you have to fight Kate and your other friends? Could you forfeit the tournament and run away instead or something?


I think we should be done after round three. Unless there is a another round I’ve forgotten about. I think u would only fight Kate and the dwarf if we got sent to that penalty round for undesirables


I think premonition isn’t as utilized a stat as reflexes and such. Is there any reason for that. Also if Rose does will there be a new character you can have as a girlfriend. If Rose lives will you get to see her after you win (or lose) the tournoment. I’m curious to see how you implement that into the game. It’s a great and I give it give stars.


Round three was against other people from what I remember.
The rounds are: 1. monsters 2. the troll 3. fighting against other participants