Magium - The mage tournament - Now available on Google Play and App Store


Liking the book(s)! It has been an amazing experience, and currently midway/nearing the end of Chapter 3 Book 2.

[spoiler]I hope Leila is romanceable. Definitely the one that interests me most at the moment. Romanced Rose on accident; thought the choice is just a general statement… Too bad I didn’t spend any Hearing. Will recitfy that on future runs.

Can you romance others still(despite Rose being the only romanceable character atm) after romancing someone else, even if dead?[/spoiler]

Edit: Forgot to add, how would you transfer progress to another device?


As far as I know, that’s impossible, unless of course, you are part tech savvy.


@Nemeean_lion Does Magium have an official community? Is there a place where the posters here might get some better responses and which is more active?



Yes, the official community for Magium is on Reddit, at this link:


Kate will only be romanceable in the final book of the series, so it’s a little difficult for me to tell you for sure, but she likely won’t be willing to be in a romantic relationship with you if you romanced Rose. It’s also possible that she will be unwilling if you romanced other characters, but that will depend on how she gets along with them.

Most other characters will probably be okay with the fact that you’ve romanced other characters before, but again, it depends on their personalities.


Thanks. And congratulations on the success of your game and the thriving community. I added a link to reddit in your first post for you.


Thanks for the help!

Hopefully, Magium’s success will also bring an increase of interest towards the interactive fiction scene as a whole. :slight_smile:


Great job! I love the game.
Can’t wait for Chapter 4.
How many books are there going to be in the Magium series?


At this point, I honestly have no clue. I’ve been saying 5 books for a while, but at the rate this is going, and judging by the amount of story left to tell, it may well end up being more than that.


Well,you must be really determined to keep this going for that long. That really shows that you’ve planned it out carefully rather than create it,just because the idea came to your mind.


What did the update feature?


I just modified the text at the end of the 3rd chapter to say that I now have a twitter account that you can follow for updates, and I added a button so you can go to the twitter page. The contents of the update should show up on Google Play’s page too.


Have you looked at releasing the stories through steam?


Holy cow man. Magium has breathed new life into the text adventure genre for me. All of the characters in this series are very fleshed out and relatable, and there is never a dull moment. The whole series is engaging from start to finish and I can hardly find the will to put this game down. The urge to play and discover more has lead me to read this series over 10 times now from start to end of chapter screen.

Can’t wait for the other chapters to come out. You’re on a role with this.

Potential spoiler . I love what you did with Eiden. Can’t wait to find out more about his rise, fall into sadistic nihilism and his potential redemption (and can’t forget his developing relationship with Barry!). He seems like a really well thought out and relatable character, and falls right on the line between friend and foe with lots of potential for being either.


Just wanted to let you all know that there is going to be an update with cloud saves, leaderboards and a few new achievements this saturday at 21:00 UTC time.

Your score from the leaderboards will consist of your number of achievements unlocked from the game, plus the number of achievements unlocked from Google Game Services (the new achievements I was talking about).

Unfortunately, due to the amount of work this update took, the new chapter is going to be slightly delayed. My new estimation is that it will be ready at some point in the last third of march. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I will probably put the game on steam at some point, but the problem I have is that I don’t think that I’ll be able to use the same system of monetization on that platform. I’ve never seen a Steam game with in app purchases, and if I make it paid from the start, I’m not going to get a lot of exposure, considering that there is already not that big of a market for text games on Steam.


Maybe you could make books beyond the first DLC? Closest to in app purchases I’ve seen on Steam.


The new update featuring cloud saves and online leaderboards has been uploaded to Google Play. The exact time it will be available in your region depends on Google’s servers.

The leaderboards and the new achievements can be found in the achievements menu.

Good luck!


New achievements?! :fearful:
Can we finally begin to unlock the achievements to unlock the 3rd book?


It’s Google achievements and not In-game achievements, so I don’t think so.

And I doubt 3 chapters worth of achievement is enough for third book.


Ah, right… it’s the Google achievements :cold_sweat:

And what I mean as unlocking the achievements early is that we can work to get the achievements as we can, while we wait for the book to be completely written.


The achievements for book 2 will be revealed after it’s finished, because there will be a contest, and the first 100 people to get all the achievements in book 1 + book 2 will get a promo code that removes ads from book 3 and unlocks book 4.