Magium - The mage tournament - Now available on Google Play and App Store


Fyi, chapter 11 of book 2 has been uploaded both on Android and iOS. This means that book 2 of Magium is now complete.


@Nemeean_lion, i have a question to ask of you. How do you make such great books.


Hey, first off: great game, amazing content and unique idea! I love reading it! I don’t want to steal your idea but could you redirect me to the programming engine you used to make this game with? You’ve inspired me into making text adventures of my own now but I can’t seem to get suitable format for the game online. :worried:


This looks like it was answered in a pinned post over on Reddit.
You can try out Choicescript instead, from the same people who own this forum.


So this guy created the Magium ? :open_mouth: awesome , I love it you know ! , the choices and of course hahaha the mother


Fyi, the 1st chapter of book 3 is now available on Android and iOS.


I’ve purchased both of games (chose to remove ads). I love both of em.

I found it very interesting how the third chapter serves to set things in motion further & introduce new stats! Can’t wait to see how our rag tag group takes down a god :smiley:


Chapter 2 of book 3 is now available for both android and iOS.


It’s not available for me…


I love this game. I am currently making a whole new play thru just to go all out against hadrik’s Rival. I hope I get to shape shift at some point.


You probably already know this, but the most common/ easiest thing to do is play an average Joe run all the way through, saving / loading to get achievements, and ensuring if a super hard stat check comes up you have enough points to pass


Yes but I like to experiment with certain builds for fun and to keep the diverging storylines fresh in my memory. Plus, there is something much to enjoyable about fighting enemies with trees. I was greatly disappointed when Barry agreed not to use them any more.


The 3rd chapter of the 3rd book is now available on both Google Play and the iOS App Store.


That is great news! And welcome back. It’s been a while when you last posted on forums.