I’m going to have to skip this one, since pirates aren’t really my thing, but it sounds a bit like some other CGs and HGs.


It’s quite Ironic I came across this post as I was talking with a friend the other day about a similar concept but ours was just magic people who can control the wind and water and they were on a very boat and their sole task was to keep the boat afloat and get the crew from A to B lol the whole concept was the protagonist was from a clan of a sea priests. Your concept sounds ten times better :slight_smile:


Reading your summary I was thinking, “Boy, this sounds familiar…”

Depending on how your differences from Choice of Pirates (I think it is), this could really be interesting!


Yeah, I knew it existed. I just forgot the name. Thus the earlier differentiate comment.

So yeah, read the story and then try to do your own take on it.


Thanks !! Great minds think alike lol

I knew that game existed and will make sure my game is nothing like that one


I think there is another called choice of pirate. Very similar to your idea


Yes I am aware of that game but while that game featured magic my game with be focused on magic but I understand what everyone is saying


you have my attencion since I see the words "magic " and “pirate”…you have my blessing and support


Thanks @Vergil16 (20 grateful characters)


Pirate mages are pretty cool though your summary leaves a lot to be desired.
I’m sure you know by that I mean more than one word.
Still a nice concept tho.


Wait what?? kinda confused here lol


It’d be great to have a more in-depth summary rather than just ‘magic’.
Like a rough outline of what the story is about, maybe something to make it stand out from the other magic-based WIPs.


Have you clicked on the words summary and magic as they reveal more about the story and magic.


Major brain fart, soz.
Now I feel silly.
But this looks like a fun story, will we be able to romance our boss?


Hahaha oh that’s funny, yeah you will be able to I’m planning on having 6 potential RO’s


The one thing I would say to avoid what Scarlet Sails did is please please please don’t kill off the main villain so quickly! That was my biggest complaint about it… ok, I didn’t actually make a formal complaint, but that was because I played it looooong before I created an account here. Anyways, I did like Scarlet Sails because of the magic/pirate theme it had, but it was also too short for my liking, and it felt a bit rushed. I do look forward to seeing what you come up with :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok I don’t have a demo yet but here is the opening scene warning massive spoliers

a green haze surrounds up you hear a faint whisper "you have forgotten who you were who you are the mist is right your…your name is *choose your name


If that post gets 5 likes I will release more spoilers


Done! :laughing::laughing:


You know, I was just thinking; why not make there be 4 types of magic? Make the fourth type be healing or something like that. I mean, what kind of ship doesn’t need a medic at some point, am I right? It’s just a suggestion, though.