Hi all my name is Centralrouge you can call me rouge or central or just Centralrouge so yeah … where was I going with this again??.. oh right my game !


Game set in the age of pirates, and magic!!! You will play as a up and coming mage working for your boss at a mage-for-hire workshop basically when pirates need mages they come to your boss and they hire mages there will be 3 types of magic to choose from


So there will be three different types of magic

1 wood magic : the mages that learn this have complete control over wood therefore they are used to repair hulls of ships

2 wind magic : theses mages will be the most common type of mages you will see of the seven seas they control the wind they are used to retreat or chase after other vessels

3 battle magic : power of fire and lightning used when in combat or when you want to look like a badass

All questions are welcome hoping to have a beta in a couple of weeks… hopefully


You are going to need a twist to differentiate yourself from some other Hosted Games out there.


You mean the magic part? yeah…

Don’t worry \(._.)/
I think the pirate itself is already a twist on this one.

Anyway, are you sure that we’re going to play as an up-and-coming mage instead of the actual pirate that goes magey?

I was think you could come into possession of a ship through means I not inclined to tell because of story purposes

So mc going to work with pirate? Is this gender locked? Can mc have his/her/they own shop? Are there going to be RO?

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So if MC is a mage then why is he a “for hire” guy he could just do his own freelance thing…?

like he can be a mechanic(ship-anic?) as Wood Mage

or a whatever it is Wind Mages do

and a muscle for the pirates as a Battle Mage

For a while,if they find a ship they can become their own pirate

You have can choose

Another potential path

Of course

MC will be doing those things while for hire but I think I understand what you are saying

What I meant in my question is that will we play as a normal pirate that for some reason stumbled upon some magic thingy? Instead of being an up-and-coming mage from the beginning?

Oh no you play as a mage to begin with sorry if I confused you xD

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Oh well, I guess I’ll go low-key above the ship :bust_in_silhouette:

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So it’s either become mages or pirate or both? Or is there more?

How many RO you planing to have?

Sounds good! :smile:

How different will this be from Scarlet Sails, where you also play as a magical pirate?


There’s a game similar to this ah crap well um wizard for hire ?? I didn’t realize there already was a game like this how similar are they mine and scarlet sails

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Ok I gonna say this
Mage outpost owner
And a surprise one I’m leaving a secret

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You can try playing the free demo? It’s a Hosted Game.
It’s more about pirates than magic.

Ok … (20 worried characters)

It’s too early to determine whatever it is similar or not though, so I think it’s okay


Yeah, lots of things sound similar when condensed into a few words. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m playing the demo as of right now taking notes on what to avoid lol