I think all the magic types could be used both as offensive and defensive types and healing could only be used as support type so it would be way harder to make a fair game with healing in it


Perhaps it could be material magic, being able to manipulate wood, metal, cloth etc. Elemental magic, like lightning, wind, fire, water, etc. Maybe something like enchanting which could incorporate healing, buffing allies, debuffing enemies, ect. Idk just some extra ideas, you could add if you wanted too. Unless it’s going to be like a modern pirate kind of story than adding a technomancer would be awesome. Unless it was is like a heavy fantacy story. Then being able to choose a fantasy race would be kinda awesome. A goblin, pirate, mage lol. I love the idea though I like similar type stories. I look forward to what you write :blush:🖒


Hi anyone who can be bothered to visit the sad dead thread I’m sorry to inform you that I’ve given up trying to make this game can somebody please close this thread , also sorry to disappoint anyone I did try to make the game but I unfortunately was not able to produce a game @moderators