M-D-M: My CScomp entry has no more available spot for testers...Thank you


Good day to you all, as per rule of CScomp I can’t give game details here, but if you’re interested in testing the game do leave a post if you are interested. I only ask if you volunteer that you really do respond and give honest feedback. I’ll make a PM thread for private testing.

What I want testers to look into are typos, grammar, continuity errors or code errors, what you hate about the game, characters, pacing, or like about.

Thanks for sharing your time if you ever volunteer…

Thank you for volunteering everyone. With so many volunteers I have no more available spot for testers. Once again thank you and have a great day

Okay, for the testers who’re scheduled to receive a PM today May 24 with the game details. I’m so sorry, I’ll give my short versions of why. Two coworkers, sick leave today, sick leave is till May 26, boss wants me to cover for them, I’m stressed, I can’t fill the role of three people, boss is crazy, boss promise to raise my pay while I cover, me happy but stress, can’t post link for testing, work cover ends at May 26.

I’m trying to make light of the fact that I’m getting stressed at work right now. So, what now? For May 24 testers, I’ll add you to May 27 testers. Hope you guys understand and I’ll see you guys at May 27. Please have a good day…


I’ll test it for you. Can you say Wat it’s about?


Sure I would be interested to beta test.


@matt_smith Not in public, but I’ll PM the details to anyone willing to test the game.

@Tuhin_Subhra_Maity Thank you, I’ll PM the details.


you can count me in :grin:


Added thanks for volunteering


I’d be keen to test it :slight_smile:


Definitely keen to help if you are still in need of testers ^^


@Ramona_G @ld-vinci @Faviasc
Added, thanks for volunteering


I would test it, if you don’t mind that is.


I’d love to test for you.


I would like to beta test!


@SirYetiBro @JustAReader @Spyder
Expect a PM around May 24, thanks guys


I would like to join


@Terrell_Williams Expect a PM around May 24, thanks :grin:


Sure sign me up got a lot of free time we send feedback asap


i would like to help


Sure sign me up for beta :smile:


I’m happy to help if you still need testers.



I would love to help! :smiley: