Lycoris: Looking for beta testers for the CSComp 2016

Soooo… as I say in the title, I need beta testers for my entry in the CSComp.

I’m not very picky, but I need people who will:

  • Invest time on the project (if you don’t reply to me at all I will kick you out of the beta testing).
  • Give helpful feedback.
  • Hunt for bugs, typos, grammatical mistakes, continuity errors and things like that.
  • I’m sure I’m forgetting something, I’ll add it later.

Thank you very much for your help :smile:


I would like to help beta test

I’ll beta test too if that is fine with you.

I’m always up for some beta testing!!

I’ll help you out if you’d like :+1:t4:

I would like to help beta test

I like help be a beta tester

Granted, you’ve accepted me into your beta for Freakhouse and all, I’d understand if I wasn’t accepted. I wouldn’t mind beta testing though, more so to possibly get you working on Freakhouse sooner, and I’d just would like to! :smile:

I’ll beta test for you.

I’m down to be a beta tester.

I’d like to be a beta tester for you.

I’m up for some testing

@Seven7h Oh, being a beta tester for The Freakhouse doesn’t mean I won’t pick you at all for the CSComp testing! :blush:

So I already made the thread for the private testing, so you can already play :wink:

I could help some if you’d like.

Sooooooo… I have to take care of a lot of silly little things in order to give Lordirish a proper polished game, so… who wants to beta test?

Lycoris, you can start a new topic if you want. One with a proper title for your game and actual information about what it’s about?

Hey would any of your beta testers have a copy of the stuff you lost?

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@FairyGodfeather Oh, really? Then I guess I’ll start it, then. Silly me :blush:

Nope, my poor beta testers got a really bad copy of the game, but! I had a word that I had given to someone who was doing me a huge favor and editing it :grin:

Edit: okay, my computer must hate me… the compile file won’t work :rage:


i’ll beta test! i have plenty of free time right now so i’m totally available