Lux: City of Secrets - Book 3 of The Evertree Saga by Thom Baylay

Only part 1 guys :wink: If it feels short or like it’s building up to something…that’s because it is :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thom, are you consciously aware of how good of a writer you are? Are you consciously aware? I don’t think you are. Where’s your Patreon? I want to speak to your Patreon right now.


:relaxed: Thank you so much. That’s such an amazing thing to say. I don’t currently have a Patreon, but I’m thinking about it. Once Lux has been concluded I’d like to be able to dedicate more time to building this series (and possible working on some more one-offs like The Grim and I) so that might be when I look at it seriously. When I do get one, you’ll be the first to know :smiley:


A few bugs:
No matter what choice about faith I chose, my Faith is always set to 0 after I import my character. I think it’s because my character had faith = 0 in Sordwin, so it is superseding the choice at the start of the game.


It was the brother who my character met, so it should be “Daisy won’t talk about him”.


It wasn’t a female human named Diahna who rivalled my character, it was a male human named Dian.

I don’t know if it is useful, but this are my character’s stats at the end of the game:



Very useful, thank you!


One thing that I noticed is that only Evertree and Sordwin show up when you use the Evertree Saga filter in the omnibus app. Lux has not been added to it (at least on Android).


This should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out.


Another bug:
I opened case 2 here in chapter 1:

But it didn’t unlock the achievement.


I found it fun, when someone says this game is short… Cause it took me months, to play everything.


I am almost ready to replay Lux for the first time since beta testing, and I’m excited.


Is it possible to get super sleuth in sordwin? I’ve been replaying for weeks now and I don’t know how to get maximum bonus when fighting winter(fighting with Capt. Ruby). I always get almosy maximum only. Edit: oh and also, how the heck do I get maximum bonus in 3 and 4? I’ve already gotten maximum bonus before in chapter 3 but choosing the same choices is only giving me almost maximum. I even tried not discovering the clue about the old mayor getting attacked by those things in chapter 2 so I can get additional clues and info in chapter 3 and checking the faceless and get that diary entry(I boosted town morale last time and I got maximum without checking the infirmary) but alas I didn’t get maximum.


There is a problem with the saving sistem: I have continued my story with lamuel but when I save game at the end of “sordwin” the saved file doesn’t appear when I start a new game in Lux: City of secrets.
Strange enough it instead appear if I try again to start a new game in sordwin. Although, when I try to open it, the game says that this saved file is for the end of sordwin, as it should be. Then why my saved file doesn’t appear when I start Lux?
I think there is a bug or something. I will be very grateful if you could fix this problem. Thanks.

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I think you need to type in your email address one more time after pressing “Load the saved character” in Lux.


But the game doesn’t ask me to, simply the saved file doesn’t appear among the others. I will try again though.

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Okay I just try and today it work! Yesterday the game didn’t ask my mail even if I tried. Problem solved, thank you!


Managed to get super sleuth now, was able to get all diary entries, I just needed to visit the Beth’s house 2nd and go to Jewel Farthing after that. Also,anyways to get “maximum” in fight with winter? Got Ruby as my companion. This is the only chapter I haven’t gotten “maximum” just “almost maximum”.