Lux: City of Secrets - Book 3 of The Evertree Saga by Thom Baylay

Finished today in under two hours. Sadly I’m dissatisfied.

Slight spoilers ahead:
Honestly, this is the worst of the three books by far and felt even shorter than even Evertree inn.
I imported my character from the first two books and I literally did nothing in this book besides killing some old God in a quest that gives nothing back except a few reputation points.

I have the feeling you’re set up to fail almost everything no matter what you do. And I did try a few quick playtrough but they get railroaded to the same failure. You have too little time which doesn’t lead to: “Hey you can’t do it all, decide” but “you can only do one thing maybe successfully, everything else will fail”. I lose 40 reputation points with Daisy because of one single dialogue choice. I get choked by a big old god worshiping hillbilly even when armed with my silver quarter staff, better agility and strength than most and combat wise can only lose from the very powerful enemies.

The writing is superb as always and I like the world building and characters themselves, but I didn’t enjoy my time with Lux: CoS.


I have to admit that having to choose between your career, the very important cases and your lover soured the experience of the book a bit. I wasn’t surprised because the author literally tells us that we will have to choose and we won’t be able to do everything we want to do. The thing is, I think having to choose how to spend our time works in choices like “What to do before going to bed”. We have to manage our tiredness and we can’t do all if we want to get a good night sleep. That’s perfect. When going to the festival, there are lots of activities, but we don’t have time for everything. Cool, that works too.

The problem begins when you have to reject some missions or plans and there is no way to prevent hurting someone’s feelings, lowering your elationship with someone else or ignoring a very important case. And considering that our MC has a very clear goal (Be the greatest scholar, for example), it doesn’t make sense how the career path can be completely ignored. It’s MC’s dream since the first book. I felt like the career parts should be something that you can experience no matter what. Will you have what it takes and manage to get the job you want? That depends on how well you do during the career parts. You can totally fail. But having to choose between the love of our lives, our dream job and stopping a murderer… it’s too much. And very frustrating. A lose-lose situation.

Sordwin made us choose and we had limited time too. But in that book, it worked. Why? Because we could learn about the same things in different ways. We could solve the Big Problem by going in completely different directions. And yes, we didn’t get to see all the characters and content in a single playthrough, but it wasn’t frustrating at all. We could be with our RO, solve the mystery, have a complete plot.

Now, things like not being able to save the mayor’s son no matter what. That was great. And we were even warned that there was nothing we could do. That wasn’t frustrating because it’s where the story was supposed to go, no matter what. We read that part and were like “Oh, damn, that’s brutal! But I couldn’t do anything to prevent it. I’m intrigued to see where this leads!” Not being able to work on our career, or missing essencial time with our lover or ignoring murder feels awful. Because we HAVE a choice. And that makes it worse. No matter what, we end up feeling: “Pft, I should have spend time on my career. Wait, but then the murder… Pffft.”

I adore this saga, though. A lot. It’s one of my favorites. I will 100% buy and read the next book. But I hope I helped the author a little bit in understanding how some readers felt in this book in particular. Something to think about when working on the next installment, perhaps? :kissing_closed_eyes:


I dont know, I never failed at anything my MC did including the Daisy part you are complaining. Git gud I guess?


I think we have to remember that this is a two part book of an even bigger series. So it can’t have a complete ending. There isn’t as much satisfaction as Sordwin because there isn’t a complete ending, but the book feels long enough to me. I’m sure the rest will get resolved on the second part.

As for the RO quest and another one on the same day, you can do both. Took me a couple times to figure it out.


Valuable comment, changed my whole perspective. Please remind me:
1)Why is no matter the reputation being 50 or 95, daisy refuse to give you any information about why she hates her siblings. What’s the reputation for? It ended the same for me no matter how much I spend time on her in this game.
2) What’s the point of solving the murder mystery when the game railroads you to the same point no matter what you do (the son dies)?
3)What’s the point of having so many career choices which have barely any impact on the main story? It just adds “x words more” but doesn’t deepen the story itself. The choices from the careers branche to wide which make the story feel hollow compared to the first two.

Anyway. Obviously my view differs vastly from yours. I’ll agree to disagree.


That would make sense if it wasn’t fully priced same as Sordwyn. It makes sense when you split a GRRM book in two parts because they make a complete whole each on their own but still leaving enough to make you want more, but I strongly felt unsatisfied at the ending of this one. And IMO it gets much worse when you do more playtroughs choosing different choices and/or even saves because you come to realise how the game has the same 3 quests which repeat and the only difference is you career.


I don’t mind the price because a hard copy book is more expensive and a one time thing and most are shorter than IF. I thought the different ways to deduce the clues was pretty neat. Essentially it is the same story with different choices and your character interactions bring enough variety for me.

If the author had made the book longer then people would have complained that it was too long to save. Or that it took too long to come out.

I feel I get my money’s worth because 1. I trust this author and 2. You can replay it and find new things. 3. Winter.


Because this will be D’s main problem for this arc ( in Lux ) so the author won’t give away too much information, it will be solve in the future

Because the son’s death isn’t the ending for this mystery, every clues you found will be used in the future ( and maybe it will even become more important )

Develop your stats, making money, making connection with the city’s organisations and because this is only a part of a bigger story, we haven’t know how much it will impact our future, beside, we barely achieved anything in our career so what did you expected ?


I can not look my MC the same way again he was compassionate and trusting of every one from book 1 to 2 and suddenly 3 broke him with the mysteries and secrets and yup I kinda see the joke in that now and nice work I can’t wait for the next one :sob::sob::sob::ok_hand::clap: and also fyi my MC was a battlemage and with leah


Frankly, I hoped for more interactions with our ROs in this book. Part of the reason why previous books were so immersive was because the ROs felt genuine and interacting with them felt organic. I was so excited when a carnival scene was actually in this book but partly disappointed when not much was really done with it. I hope the next book would have another similar scene with more impactful interactions.

Still, this is one of my favourite series of IF and will continue to be for a long time. Will definitely buy the next book when it comes out. :relieved::relieved:


Can someone tell me how i can get orcward and beastslayer achievement?


Is this the last book of the series?




There’s no such achievement as Beastslayer in this game,there are 2 different achievements and I believe you are mixing both of them,
These are Kill the beast and Godslayer.
1)Kill the beast:- Kill Himo Naiilo,he is the long armed orc who captures Lady Imperion.
2)Orcward:- Get knocked unconscious while saving Lady Anya,get your health very low.
3)Godslayer:- Go with the old man your MC meet on day 3,meet O go with them to the altar,kill the Cow God.



So - I’ve been code diving through the three games, compiling my MC’s story through the code and it took so long because there was SO MUCH content! And I keep finding new stuff I haven’t encountered ingame!

I love how each situation has so many options for you to progress so you don’t get locked/penalised for focusing on certain stats. Instead you use your strengths to progress, and each choice is so well-written and thought out.
One of these days I’m going back and partnering with D/L/G because I know they have a loooong backstory of their own.

It’s been a while since I’ve been so hooked on a CoG game. Major kudos to the author!

All that aside, I have to say I have hopelessly fallen for O… hard. Please give us a happy ending in the last book, I’m begging. The elf needs some happiness in his life :sob:


Orion and MC are such virgins and I’m living for it


I am guessing you havent gotten to the steamy scene yet…


Oh I absolutely have and it killed me to see them go from badass to bunnies lmao, Thom deserves everything, it was magnificent.


My poor elf is still trying to go for Gunther… 3 books in and to no avail lol.

Strangely, this felt very short (I think it’s the longest though?) and almost uneventful. Definitely leading up to something, but it’s taking too long to get there. I liked the festival scene though. And Winter! Totally my favorite character


Same here lol. I thought I finally was going to… Idk, confess him my feelings or smth but no :frowning:
And same too with the length issue. It felt really light.