Lost heir 2 hints?

This game is really awesome but I keep getting stuck. I’m wondering If there is any kinda walkthrough or hints for this game? :slight_smile:

Not sure there’s any good comprehensive guide out there but if you have specific questions you can ask me I’ve played the game so much I know large portions of it by heart.

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I understand how you feel, basically the easiest way to win is to be a soldier, and make as much money as you can while not significantly angering anyone. Moral is super important so if you want something new romance that one guy/girl everyone wants you to marry, it raises moral. Do not deviate in the slightest from your stats or you characters personality or you will fail the stat check, you fail enough on your main stats as it is. Your going to need the super high moral for later in the last fight when something happens to you. I’ve only
Ever won once out of like 15 different play throughs and here ar my stats at the end of that game:
(Give me a sec my thing is gltiching out)
(I’ll just do a second post)

I always found an Evil Assasin the best to play as for the perfect balance of combat, charm, stealth and tons of cash

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Well,there’s the classic ‘Cult Of Neo’ guide which I’ve just invited you to.

There’s also a guide on YouTube.Just type in ‘lost heir help’ and you’ll find it.

However,you do realize that there is already a thread for assistance in The Lost Heir,right?Here’s the link:

Please direct all questions about hints or walkthrough for the game to this thread.We don’t need any more clutter.