Lost Child: Fantasy (WIP)

Another of my attempt at CS game. This one follows in the similar step to some of the games here (I am pretty sure you would notice.)

Title: Lost Child: Fantasy

It is the year 2193 C.E. and magic and all its wonders are dead. Almost at least.


"In the year 2097 C.E. and humanity had been united, or subjugated - depending on the view, by the Shan, a totalitarian Empire rising out of Asia. But to some fortune of humanity, the Shan supreme leader, calling himself only as ‘The S,’ was what could be considered a ‘benevolent’ dictator. Unfortunately for the magical denizens of Earth, he believed in the supremacy of science above all.

The magical world, for the most part, keeps itself hidden from the human world or blend in like they used to before the rise of Shan. But they receive a grim awakening when Shan invaded no other places than Olympus, the Throne of Greek Pantheon. With the might of gods, magic, and heroes, the Olympian expected to win. They were very very wrong and they realized that when Zeus himself was struck down by a god-killing weapon. Soon they were scattered, running into the shadow, only…there is no shadow left.

Before long the others fell; the Norse, the Egyptian, the Mesopotamian, the Shinto, the Abrahamic - all things related to supernatural all fell before the Shan. The ones who hide in human society were exposed before being dragged away and never seen again. The ones who fought back met a pitiful end in a mass grave.

Yet not all hope is lost for them.

The City of Atlantis had risen and beckon for all the children of magic to come seeking refuge. Soon the refugee from across the globe come to Atlantis. When no more refugee arrive, the city sunk back into the sea to hide from the technological might of Shan. Yet they knew that The S is already aware of them, but why he didn’t come to finish the job no one could tell. But they will be prepared for that day.

It is now the year 2193 C.E. and there is a rumour that The S is moving to his ‘end game’. What is that plan they do not know, but maybe a human teenager they found drowning above Atlantis territory might have a clue…"


Six races to choose from, all with their own sub-race
  • Descendant: ‘Human’ who possess blood of the god from one pantheon or another that was passed down through generations before awakening along with enchanted body and affinity for magic. Sub-race based on mythology their bloodline come from. (Will slow your relationship with the certain characters, old grudges die hard.): Greek, Norse, Mesoamerica, and Shinto.

  • Jinn: Romanticize into genin long ago by the human, the Jinn are a race made of magic itself that inhabit the Middle-East and live side-by-side, in the good and the bad way, with the human; until The S came along. Now their king was murdered and their realm destroyed. Sub-race based on their prefered magic. (Will limit the magic type you can choose base on this.): Jann, Ifrit, Shiqq, and Marid. (Could use advice from someone with better background knowledge here.)

  • Fay: Don’t be fool by the name, they are not only your typical pixie and sprite. One of the most diverse races to inhabit Atlantis, Fea come in many shape and form from the noble Tuatha of Ireland to the frog-like Vodyanoy of the Slavic. Sub-race based on which aspects of nature you represent. (Will limit your personality/reputation due to your nature.): Spriggan, Maenad, Vila and Unseelie.

  • Mer: The people that once ruled the sea, which they still did now, discreetly. Atlantis had always been their home and they are the only race still capable of spying on the human world; albeit only from a distance from fear of being caught; not that their human contacts aren’t afraid of the same thing. Sub-race based on sexes, yes I said sexes, not gender. (Will limit some romance options, but more on that later.): Triton (male only), Siren (female only), Naga (inter-sexes shapeshifter; problem regard inter-species reproducibility, will explain later), and Leviathan (no sexes.)

  • Yokai: Hailing from Japan, another extremely diverse race, or used to be. Like many mystical creatures and gods of Asia origin, they were right next to the heart of Shan when The S decided to move against magical world. Even today, they’re still not recovered. Sub-race vary, with one sex-locked but not as much as Mer. (Mixed limitation based on sub-race.): Yuki-Onna, Kappa, Bakeneko, and Tengu.

  • Jötunn: A race of variety of giants. They follow the Norse gods when Shan invaded the world tree, Yggdrasil. Note for being one of a few races that managed to impress The S to the point that he let them walked away after the Battle of Valhalla, along with their surviving gods and creatures of fellow mythology. Sub-race based on their elements. (Will limit certain skills gain, due to their size.): Surtr, Aegir, Skadi, and Heim.

Five magic school to learn from
  • Storm School: This school study in the force of wind, ice, water and thunder. With mastery of this school, one could create a storm to destroy their foes. But that was a long time ago, today they are sought after because of their ability to shut down or interrupt the machinery of the Shan. Powers including: Shooting lighting out of fingertips (unlimited power not included), a power to breathe underwater, and creating a storm.

  • Mantle School This school study in the force of Earth and Fire. While having fewer elements under their command than their storm counterpart, the Mantle school still remain more impactful even with the Shan coming into power. Yet this comes at a cost because it was quite difficult to use powerful spells from this school discreetly. Powers including: shooting stream of fire, creating lava and causing an earthquake.

  • Nature School: This school study in the force of nature and lifeforce all around us. The school that became almost obsolete against combating the technological prowess of the Shan. The practitioners are only left with the role of support in defence of Atlantis. Still, they are appreciated for their effort. Powers including: healing, summon and control magical beasts, hex and curse, and control over the forest.

  • Control School: While doesn’t look as fancy as other schools, they are one of the more potent in the protection of Atlantis. Everything that from telekinesis to illusion fell into this school. But as human’ begin to enhance their body and brain, the mages of this school found it harder and harder to fight them. Powers including: telekinesis, illusion, stunning opponent using your mind, and controlling someone body.

  • Arcane School: The most powerful, difficult and dangerous of all modern schools. Instead of harness power of magic and unleash it in one other forms, this path of magic unleashes the raw power of arcane in its purest form. Despite its immense power, however, the unrefined magic often left the user…damaged, to say the least. Powers including: Arcane bolt, conjure weapons, create a dome that protects anything within, and detonation.

Life Simulator

The game will span over the course of 52 weeks or a year. Not all week will be under player control, but the ones that did the player will be able to plan what to do within the week. Practice their skills, hang out with friends or someone more intimate, taking a job, and a lot more. However, you should spend your time wisely, there’s no telling what’s going to happen when each big event roll in.

Life on the brink of extinction

I try to create a world where every mythology was driven to the point of near extinction and was forced to stay together for survival. While the protagonist will be dropped in at the time where the differences had mainly been settled, the hint of old conflict would still be there (tie in with the Descendant sub-race.)

The society had been partially militarized due to the threat of the Shan looming over the mystical races. After coming to Atlantis, you will be joining their equivalent of college (it is worth mentioning that this game is inspired a lot by Keeper of the Sun and Moon). Unlike regular college, you are forced to take part in the military drill as a class once a week. Of course, they would still allow you to choose which role would you best serve in. But at the end of the day, everyone had to contribute.

The college would also force you to learn at least one path of magic, not only to help you in your role but also to preserve the knowledge of magic. And who knows if you’re really good at it maybe they would let you in on some…secrets.

Then there’s the opinion toward the human. To no one surprise, the denizen of Atlantis hate human and probably would not hesitate to kill one, even the most pacifistic cryptic would agree on killing a human. But what about you? What do you think of human? Giving that you used to think you were one.

Though whatever you do…The S know all.

Romances and friends

There would be about 10 romance options. Unlike others CS game where every character seems to be bi, this one is not. While I won’t put the theme of homophobic into the game, you cannot expect every romance options to be the way you want; every character has their own preferences (don’t assume their gender).

Some will prefer same-sex lover, some will not accept same-sex lover or any relation that cannot produce offspring. This is due to the near extinction state a lot of mystical races are in. No one wants their own people to go extinct. Of course, this couldn’t stop you from trying, and hey…you might thaw the ice; just know your boundary.

But obviously, you can be a friend with everyone - that have relationship bar at least.

If you want more details on the game read the feature(s) section or ask me if none present. Let me know your thoughts on the idea and what could be tuned to be better. I plan to release the first demo in April. I am also open to suggestion regarding the plot and setting.

There’s also a possibility of the parallel stories taking place around the same time as this one, exploring ‘other’ denizen of Earth and their relationship with the pan-global dictatorial empire of Shan that, despite everything, progressing humanity forward. Including superhero and villain community that still pretend to remain independent, cyberpunk-mixed-steampunk Britain that fell into social decay due to not being annexed by the Shan, and some others group, but let’s not get ahead of myself.


I like this idea. There’s only one thing I would say: be careful.

Unchecked ambition has ruined entire multimillion dollar game studios. It can ruin a project generally staffed by a single person with no outside backing with far more ease.


@lovinglydull Understood. This is not my first try though, so I know the risk.

Was wondering if you thought about any African/Egyptian gods for Descendant ?


Oh no, you discovered my true identity.

Lmao what. Are you telling me that I’m a frog behind the screen?

The truth has been revealed, I’ve been exposed


And Slavic gods descendants

@Svyy @fluggegecheimen Four is as much as I am willing to go for each sub-races. This project is already quite ambitious as it is. The Middle-East region also has Jinn and the Egyptian myth will still be making an appearance. If you can suggest me a fay with a Slavic origin that could represent Autumn then I am willing to put that it.

I can also come up with in-world reason if you want. The Greek is known to stick their dicks into everything, resulting in a large population of Descendant (awaken and non-awaken), or Demi-god for them. So there’s more of them that survive. In Shintoism every Japanese is a descendant of Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun, so it about the chance of potential to awake for this sub-race. The Norse manage to survive largely due to the effort of the Jotuun, as seen in their section. The Mesoamerican have time to evacuate since they were some of the last to be taken care of by the Shan, due to their distant from Asia.

It’s also worth noting that beyond the Greek, other mythology gods did not consummate with human a lot. And given that the Shan had a firm grip on East Asia, Central Asia and Middle-East, they didn’t have so time to react like the Meso- or Native- American mythology.

Basically, no Descendant for them due to the habit of the gods and geographic distant…and the gameplay reason that I state early.

@Fay Not all frog is ugly. Asui Tsuyu is the best girl.


As an avid supporter of science, I would very much prefer doing the extermination instead…but if that’s impossible, maybe I can just betray them to The S…? Anyway, I’m definitely looking forward to this.

i like see what i see i hope you finish the demo some day

This seems interesting tho I have no clue of plot I tried reading it but too much for my brain maybe make it smaller or something

Arcane school, wait for me!!!

@S.Ch beautiful. Are you going to make it that in lore there a few Norse Descendents? Like there are 10,000 Greeks Descendants and 100 Norse descendants.


Fascinating idea! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!


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For a Slavic fae, I haven’t done too much diging, but there are a few options:

  • Samodiva. Though they’re similar to nymphs, they have an affinity to fire, and apparently some sway over harvests (giving a connection to Autumn).
  • Leshy. Though most folklore points towards the leshy being a unique being, we are deviating a bit. Biggest practical limitation would be the fact that they would be even more similar to nymphs or spriggans.

@Harley_Robin_Evans I tried shortening it.

@Black_Knight Is that sarcasm? It hard to tell. If you’re serious, well, no. Don’t forget this is about a century after the magical world was driven away. It is enough time for gods’ genes in most unawaken Descendant remain in human society to wear off, either through the direct intervention of the Shan or otherwise. And the ones in Atlantis must keep their population in check; they can’t risk overpopulation. These 4 myths just dominate the majority of the Descendant population due to the reasons I stated. There is also another reason, but I will save that one for the story

@lovinglydull Through your suggestion, I manage to find ‘Vila,’ thank you for that. I also change Nymph to Maenad, being more specific.

I made some research on samodivas, and I found that other names for them were samovilas and vilas? But aren’t they completely different creatures though, or is it that their powers and names change due to which culture we refer from?

Samodivas have affinity to fire, and vilas have affinity to wind. But I did find a few things they have in common. Anyway, here is something I found:


The Vila are the Slavic versions of nymphs, who have power over wind, which they delight in causing storms of high winds. They live around hills, mountains, and high mounds. (cf. Leimakids, Limnades, Oceanids, Dryads, Nephele). They can appear as a ghost-like figure with a long billowing cloak wrapped around them.

A vila of the Serbian mythology, on a painting inspired by the Serbian epic poem "Marko Kraljević and the Vila"
In Polish mythology, the Wiła (pronounced [ˈviwa]), and in South-Slavic mythology the Vila (Serbian pronunciation: [ʋǐːla]), are believed to be female fairy-like spirits who live in the wilderness and sometimes in the clouds. They were believed to be the spirits of women who had been frivolous in their lifetimes and now floated between here and the afterlife. They usually appear as beautiful maidens, naked or dressed in sparkling beautiful white dresses, green skirts of leaves, and special fabulous blue robes.

It is said that if even one of their hairs is plucked, the Vila will die, or be forced to change back to her true shape. A human may gain the control of a vila by stealing a piece of the vila’s skin. Once burned, though, she will disappear.

The voices of the Vilas are as beautiful as the rest of them, and can form large gusts of winds that can lift houses into the air. Despite their feminine charms, however, the Vila are fierce warriors. The earth is said to shake when they do battle. They have healing and prophetic powers and are sometimes willing to help human beings. At other times, they lure young men to dance with them, which according to their mood can be a very good or very bad thing for the man. They will kill any man who defies them or breaks his word. Vila rings of deep thick grass are left where they have danced; these should never be trodden upon, as this brings bad luck.

Unless Samodiva and Vilas are not the same thing but they are related to each other? Nonetheless, wind and hurricane powers sound awesome.

Slavic mythology in general is a bit jumbled, considering the areas inhabited by what we call “Slavs” is both massive, and has been beset on all sides by foreign invasion, cultural imperialism and various migrations and settlements pretty much since people started living there. That said, the Vila seem to be less a related type of spirit, and more that people stuck the name on the Samodiva in some places despite the two being rather different. Like kobolds nowadays, which started as the name for a very small benevolent spirit and turned into the name for a weird lizard-dragon-dog people made by a bunch of likely high nerds in the 70’s.

Back on topic. @S.Ch I’m glad to have helped! It seems like, from a glance, the “domain” each of the Fae have is: life and possibly plants, water, wind, and death or curses. Seems like a good spread.

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@Fay They are still considered nymph though, I consider all nymph to be fey. Even if the source of origin isn’t like the rest. As I said, they are varied.

@lovinglydull I am taking more of a season approach to what each fey represent. Spriggan is spring (they are half-tree people), Maenad is summer (due to being the follower of Dionysus and summer is known to have many celebrations), Vila is autumn (wind and mountain are often associated with autumn), and Unseelie is winter (they are known to be colder than their Seelie counter-part and represent night time, which is longer in winter).


Wow this sounds like a huge project, super excited about the demo though!

also one nitpick, not sure about this but I think in the Norse mythology, giant is on the same level as Norse gods and they are arch enemies of each other similar to Greek mythology.