Lord Cuthvell bug + possible spoiler, War for Magincia

Whilst playing War for Magincia. I had the opportunity to meet the old Lord Cuthvell. This was during the first bouts of the whole Gareth III debacle, and well. Oddly enough, speaking with him afterwards re-engages this particular conversation with no new strings of dialogue. This even persists after his poisoning!

Thought I’d try to address this bug in the forums, see if it could help anyone trying to update it?

Also, I’ve come to notice that at first there was this weird bug that listed me as both indifferent and in the negative with Lord Cuthvell, was one of those supposed to be Lady Cuthvell’s lines?

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I’m afraid that this is an issue that is beyond the scope of what the forum can help with. In this case, you should contact Choice of Games directly by sending an email to support@choiceofgames.com.