VtM Parliament of Knives - Bug (Spoiler!)

I really hope this is the correct place to post this, because this forum confuses me, unfortunately.


i disarmed eden corliss and drove a sword through her while the fighting in the hotel at the end took place.
then suddenly she has the gun again, which is impossible and not explained at all. she allegedly fires at the prince again! however she was never able to fire at him in the first place. not once. so how can she fire again? the pages are not linked correctly or there is one page missing. there is definetely a bug here.
it is not game breaking at all, but not helpful for the immersion.

The better way to make sure this is seen is to email support AT choiceofgames DOT com. They’ll pass it along to the debuggers.

thank you, i will do that! :slight_smile: