Looking for a Mentor


Hey-o reader,

I am a student who’s just gotten into programming, and I feel like I’ve got the hang of it. At least I can make a simple game…

Anyways, I had been eyeing Choice of Games for a while, and today I finally managed to download the Choice Script… and I am so sorry, but I swear I can code my game faster with BlueJay or Greenfoot or something. (Don’t comment on my IDE’s)

So. An idiot like me doesn’t understand words or the special way that programmers (real ones, not programmers like me) speak. On top of that I am impatient.

Therefore you cannot expect me to just use a form and be happy with waiting around for one reply, then replying, then waiting again, so on and so forth. I just don’t do waiting.

And that is why you are here right now. Reading this post. I’m trying to find people who have either:
-Skype (screen-shares are wonderful.)
-Kik (I can always take a pic of my screen with my phone…yeah…maybe not Kik…)
-or other just voice chat thingy (websites would be best. Faster. Easier. I just don’t know any good ones.)

And as the title suggests, I wanted to get a pro (or you don’t even have to be a pro, you just have to know everything about Choice Script) to help me with my Choice Script troubles.

Just a small warning before you decide to help me:
-There will be talking. And I mean voice to voice chats.
The reason for this is so that it’s faster, I type really slowly (I use the chopstick method. Where only 2 fingers are used for typing :disappointed_relieved: sorry about that…)
and also I hate interrupting people, especially the one’s who send multiple messages to complete a thought.
ANDDD I will argue. I will ask “but why?” so many times it will get annoying. I will prod and poke your solution to my problems. I will even sometimes reject them cause Im a jerk! You need to know this before-hand.

So with all the warnings done, and stuff… Here’s the email you can respond to should you choose to accept this mission burden: randomdata@nili.ca

THANK YOU for the time you took to read the entire thing!


Ehm, I’ll pass. The whole direct communication thing is a bit… Yeah, no.

If this doesn’t work out and and you need a plan B feel free to send me a PM over the forum (Just click my picture thingy and then the big blue rectangle with the word ‘Message’ in it). I’ve been trying to teach someone else (@Nathan_Faxon) the basics of ChoiceScript for quite a while now, so you could join in on that if you’d like to.


Yeahhhh repeating what @Cecilia_Rosewood said, I’m learning myself through their teachings, direct communication is a bit… eck and mail over the forum is just as useful. We can invite you into our coding PM if you wish?

Told you that you’re the coding wizard, Rosewood :wink:


Flattering isn’t going to get you any higher marks, Faxon :expressionless: (If there were any… You know, hypothetically… Not that I don’t appreciate it :wink:)


I like helping people to code. But no way I will go to a voice chat. First, I use mobile devices so voice chat is a complicated stuff there.
Second, pm chat is so useful, without invasion of privacy. Remember too, there are time zones too.
And last, If you don’t have the will to write your doubts, thinking is a heavy duty. You really think you will actually have enough will to code?


I am beginning my WiP as I type this. @Cecilia_Rosewood and @Nathan_Faxon - if you would include me in your discussion group, I’d appreciate it, very much. Or if another wants to Mentor me, I’d appreciate that too.


If you want pm me I an currently free of mentoring program.


“[quote=“poison_mara, post:5, topic:15043”]
And last, If you don’t have the will to write your doubts, thinking is a heavy duty. You really think you will actually have enough will to code?

Man. This is scaring me. So far I’ve been able to keep up with people in my grade. But you’re making it sound like I’m gonna fall back real fast, and soon. :fearful:


Also it seems Im having trouble finding that message button @Cecilia_Rosewood was talking about…


It’s the hard truth, there were a lot of people asking about coding. One was like this. he started asking things there are in the basic concepts info over and over . Then when I asked Did you read the starting instructions? “No, that’s boring I don’t like reading” He skip code like after 15 minutes with a damn, this is so hard…
So really code is difficult at beginning. So if you really want to learn you have to try hard and that needs will , if you don’t have it just don’t try


It might be because you’re a new user. @Cecilia_Rosewood would have to start a message, I believe. Then again, I’m pretty new to this too, sooo… :hushed:


Ah I see… Thanks @Just_Because


Ah yes. I forgot :sweat_smile: It’s been a while since I was new to the forum…

@random_data I’ll add you to the coding PM thread. Just hope the 200+ messages on it won’t have you run off with your tail between your legs :wink:


sadly I did read the thing, and unless someone out there has posted more detailed instructions, I still have a WHOLE bunch of questions that the instructions didn’t answer!

And just to make you happy I’ll read the whole thing twice before I hit reply…

There! Done! :triumph:
And still, I have questions. I have problems that ain’t gonna be solved!
But no worries. :relieved:

Not only have I JUST been granted the ‘Basic’ user badge, but I can do stuff now! YAY!
Also I did join @Cecilia_Rosewood PM thingy.

But you know what? If you are still willing to help me, I would gladly accept!


Of course I love help people, but I am sincere with my opinions. So beware! and yeah tutorial is a mess lol, i was so confused with it first time I read it.


Which instructions did you read? These?

Because asides from those there is also this one:

And don’t forget about the ChoiceScript wiki:


I’ll be out of commission as I comb through all this


dude. show me your ways of coding with strings of words and symbols and such. also new to forum :slightly_smiling:



Have you read the instructions two posts before yours yet? That should explain the basics. If you’ve got questions after that feel free to send me a message.


I feel “Dude” is a multi gender identifier kind of like “guys”, and “y’all”. And I have read the basics, I wanted to get in on this mentor thing though…Like being theRobin to your batman, or some other sidekick/protege reference I can’t think of off the top of my head.