Light in the Darkness

So you settled on this idea…I look forward to the demo.

…that might be awkward. Imagine ‘falling asleep’ at 13 and waking up as an 18 year old. Or just completely missing your puberty. Oh dear. A kid in the body of an adult, that can’t be good.

Yes, you age, and it will lead to some awkward situations.

@Abyss Or darkness in the darkness. Seems counterintuitive but whatever.

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Sounds like Lion-O from ThunderCats.

If I remember correctly, he along with the other ThunderCats escaped the destruction of Thundera in a space ship; there, the Thundercats entered suspended animation in capsules to prepare for the long journey to Third Earth.

Lion-O’s capsule ended up malfunctioning and he awoke, sometime later, to find that he had aged from 12 to 24.

Same thing happened in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

When Link and Zelda failed to prevent Ganondwarf from claiming the Triforce, the Sages sealed Link’s spirit for 7 years so that Link’s body could age and strengthen in preparation for confronting the darkness that Ganondwarf had spread over Hyrule.
Link went from 9 to 16, if I remember correctly.

The mentalities of both Lion-O and Link had not matured in unison with their bodies, so they were both “kids in an adult’s body,” so to speak.
(Pre-Adolescent to Adolescent for Link, anyway.)

Their reactions to “growing up” always tickled me. :relaxed:

Will be only one power or more? Will be possible to choose what power will have?

yeah, these ideas are way too similar. I’m not saying you plagiarized or anything, but you may have missed the timeslot to get your idea out.

This might be awesome!

Awww, bro! Don’t be like that! :disappointed:

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Personally i prefer magic cataclysm not nuclear, hmmmm! TechDragon please do not stand in the way of darkness! Joking. :smile:

Not true. Mine is going to be more Fallout setting with Infamous magic. You can refer to my previous forum if you need to. And it will probably be one or two years before this is ready to publish. I’m more of a writer than a programmer you see.

I’m serious, I’m not claiming plagiarism, but they are too similar to be published at once.

@Zane_Hiam they both are post apocalyptic, focusing on abilities emerging in individuals as a result of radiation from a nuclear event.

Sorry, I honestly had no idea that WIP existed. I’ll stay updated with it and try to avoid too many similarities.

Naw, no need to apologize.

You have not done anything wrong.

honestly you and the author of the other one should brainstorm and coordinate ideas so you both end up with completely different results.

But because magic happens you could make some raisins about not aging while asleep

This seems great- looking forward

I’d recommend toning down your rhetoric. There’s more than an enough room for both games, especially at this stage in the process.


This seems like it can be a lot of fun will there be other survivors with powers or is the mc the only one

No, but (potential spoiler alert) I’m thinking about having the main antagonist seeing your character in action so he tries to inject himself with massive amounts of radiation so he can get your powers. What do you guys think: should his obsession be his undoing, or is that a really lame way to end a game?

@Zane_Hiam Hey no worries! My WIP is a little different to the setting of your own. It’s set about 100 years after “The Nuclear Massacre” (which is what I named the event in my WIP). I haven’t played fallout so I’m actually trying to stay away from sounding too similar. (As much as people do love fallout :ok_hand: ) Also, I was approached by another author earlier about my WIP sounding similar as we we’re using the post - apocalyptic/ nuclear/ powered humans. I think it was @Zanity . Lets say great minds think alike lol.

@TechDragon610 thanks for linking me to this thread. I probably would have missed it.