Life of a Mercenary / A Mercenary's Life [WIP]



Plus we all know what i want added a cheat menu to mess around with. lol plus just wondering is there magic in this games or is it just a dark medieval fantasy cause i love a classic medieval game.


When Anne and Arlo mention The Captain in TGT2, maybe you could add a saving function to change the name of the character who is mentioned by them to the name of your character in this story.


220 people love dark medieval fantasy I am one of them


This is something I have considered and may implement. There may be some missions where you will choose your weapon type, however, most of the time you will be using a Sword as your primary weapon and a dagger as a secondary weapon. Arlo almost always uses a spear and Anne uses a Rapier / Sword with throwing daggers. I may keep this in mind and give the user the ability to switch out their gear. Right now you do have more flexibility in equipping other mercenaries such as Vera and developing what stats each mercenary focuses on.

There will be a system to upgrade your weapons and armor. That is already in place, but it affects everyone in your mercenary unit, not just your character.


If I do add a cheat menu, it would probably be a chapter select screen only available after you finish the game. As for magic…maybe…maybe not. :smile:


I was careful that they never said the name of the Captain or identified the Captain’s gender. I considered maybe implementing a save transfer from TG2, but as I found out, that can cause issues as you have to account for every possible scenario. Still it is an interesting idea.


I will probably release a longer demo, usually I like to give a short introduction, and then release the full game. When Beta testing is ready, I will be more than likely send out an announcement of some kind and probably give everyone a chance to sign up if they want to.


That sounds amazing I look forward to it


So no cheat menu that involves maxing combat stats and gold that’s a let down.


Hi Buddy… you are amazing with your progress :slight_smile:

I am wondering , could it be 2 time line within your story ? I mean it is loosely based on GT2, a spin-off where not every MC of GT2 encounter the captain it is assume that your story happen before GT2 and it is presumed the captain vanish in the timeline of GT2, hence could it be that your story also involve in the Captain re-appear again after the event of GT2? one timeline is before GT2 with a cliffhanger of the captain missing in action (or perhaps it evolve around the captain secretly doing something without the knowledge of others), the 2nd timeline is after the conclusion of GT2 where the captain continue his/her legacy

But i suppose in this case, the reader must choose a conclusion for GT2 event first, regarding who hold the throne whether it is Queen Hannah with GT Mc or other outcome, i think it will be awesome if the Captain and his/her companion meet with protagonist from GT2 in the 2nd timeline :slight_smile: Hope it is not too late for you to include these idea …


I found a couple of small typos to be fixed.


This seems like a good game with lots of potential. You seem to know what direction you will be taking with the game mechanics. I love games with mechanics like this. Hopefully, you can also get a good story going as well.


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If this game happened in the same world of GT and GT2, it would be interesting if we found the MC of the GT (especially the Prince, it would be nice if he called us to replace Eadic as adviser and second in command of the army).


Life of a mercenary could we train Vera to be a healer instead she could still be helpful while not having to kill people


Hi all,

I have posted a survey for people to complete if they want to provide feedback / sign up for the beta.

You can view it here:


Just wondering will there be troop types.


There probably will be, the author has troop types in all of his other novels.


Part 1 of the Beta is currently being uploaded. Users selected for the beta should be receiving a link shortly.


Is it through the forum or their email