Life of a Mercenary / A Mercenary's Life [WIP]



It will be through the forum’s user messenger, and don’t worry if you haven’t gotten one yet. I still need to wait for everything to be ready. The link will probably be sent out later tonight.


Wow that’s great this would be fantastic


Can’t wait to see this.


Neither can I. Looking forward to release (unless I get chosen for the Beta).


I can’t wait for the beta. Super excited!


Can I be a beta tester? Because that’s be awesome


Do not bump inactive WIP threads. @Jerieth, please let me know when you want this reopened.



Hi all,

The game will soon be submitted to COG. Thank you all for your support especially anyone who participated in the beta testing.


I can’t wait for it!:heart: I love all your works Jerieth, be it Swamp Caste, GT1 or GT2, all of them are, to be simply put- THE BEST interactive novel-games I ever played. Thank you soo much for creating another one in the same universe!


It’s been 42 days today. I am dying for the full release of the game, I absolutely love all your works, any updates @jerieth?


I think @Jerieth is adding additional romance scenes and fixing some other potential bugs :slight_smile:

This is a Huge game… hence it requires time to tidy up the final product , i am sure the author will notify us when it is ready :wink:


I am in your debt! Thank you soo much :heart::raised_hands: and I absolutely adore some romantic sequences in the universe, I mean what good is a medieval fantasy without royal courteousness :wink:


Yeah… perhaps i will send you private mail if i got any latest news :wink:

All i can say now it is Huge… hence the author is considering how to intergrate everything into one game :slight_smile:


When will the full game come out


I think not so soon , because the game is yet to submit :slight_smile:
even after it is submitted , we still need to wait few more months of editing and waiting queue …


Can’t wait!


Nice game or should i say wip.


you know how you get when your drunk
should be
you know how you get when you’re drunk

How did she get pass the moat.
should be
How did she get past the moat?


Update: The submission process with COG is taking longer than usual. I think they have a rather large backlog of games.

I have made updates in the meantime.