Legacy Anomaly Timeline! {LATS} (WIP / Interest Check!)

Hello everybody!! I’ve been a fan of CoG games for a long time now… I am a reader and a writer, so of course I wanted to write my own.

It’s called Legacy Anomaly Timeline!

PLOT: You somehow literally find yourself stuck in one of your great-great-great Ancestor’s shoes, whose life is being threatened. Can you stay alive, catch your family’s killer, go through with a marriage arrangement, all WITHOUT screwing up your entire family’s history timeline?

  • Gender-Choice.

  • Be Gay, Straight, or Lesbian.

  • Save or carry out assassination attempts

  • Become Sherlock Holmes’s apprentice or just stick to your Royal duties…

  • Will you go through with a Royal’s marriage arrangement or find Love elsewhere??

  • Will it screw up your family’s timeline or not?

I have 6-7 RO’s planned thus far. At the beginning of the story, you will sort of be in a “forced” relationship, but you CAN get out of it pretty quickly.

RO's >>
  • Gabriel/lla = your childhood friend.
  • Helena of Denmark = your ancestor’s arranged marriage
  • Mari / Bruce = your ancestor’s maid/butler.
  • Danny = your friend.
  • Sasha = your friend.
  • Tyrah = your friend.

The demo currently is about 3k words.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/play/lawrites/legacy-anomaly-timeline/mygame/

Yes, I do plan on creating difficult choices that matter, do not worry :slight_smile:

I am looking for:

  • Feedback, Suggestions, Criticism

  • Any Errors you may find.

So what do you guys think, interested??



I did a run through of it and the basic plot seems pretty interesting and up my lane. But I have some qualms with it. The scenes right after finishing customization are a bit too long in my opinion.

Sometimes giant blocks of text are neccessary to push a story forward and I get it, but there were just so much opportunities to have some small insignificant choices to help the reader flesh our their character. Even though I typically stick to a glamorized version of my own personality, traits, and skills (and what was provided aligned decently with it), if the player wanted a more out-going or snarky character, they simply wouldn’t be able to. It kinda puts a bad taste in your mouth if you expect to be all bad-ass and cool through some random dialogue options in what seems to be a fun new story but then you’re forced into a more submissive and shy personality right off the bat.

But this is a demo and a newly released to say the least so I don’t expect it to be like “oh my god this is the best thing ever get the press they’re gonna love it” but for what’s given, it has some very obvious potential to be a great story. I’m just the type to explore different personalities if I find a cool story and yours might be one of them once more is established. So yeah. Sorry for my long post just saying one thing. I always get excited when a new demo comes out. :sweat_smile:

But there’s also one actual bug and a few errors.
If you choose a custom first name for your ancestor you get this.

Also there’s some small mistakes here and there so I’ll be spending some time tracking those down and searching for more bugs (if there are any). Regardless I’m excited for what’s in store. :blush:


Really enjoyed what you have so far; cannot wait to see where this goes

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I really like this! I can’t wait to see more

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Only 3,000 words and it still caught my interest. Bookmarked and liked. I can’t wait to read more, keep it up! :smiley:


LMAO, this is a funny one. I actually felt like I was the character. I’m guessing we are going to play as both ourselves and our ancestors?


Yeahh, I realized that and tried to cut it down, I guess I could try shortening it a bit… I just thought that if it was longer, people might get more Excited about it, but maybe not?

But there’s also one actual bug and a few errors.
If you choose a custom first name for your ancestor you get this."

Ohhh, whoopsie, good catch!! Thanks for letting me know :+1:t3:


Yes, you will be playing as both yourself and your ancestor :slight_smile:

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First I want to clarify @LAWrites that my biggest issue was just missed opportunities to develop mc’s personality, the big chunks of text issue can be thrilling when done right. :sweat_smile:
Second, I’ve done an in-depth reading and caught the things that probably should be fixed. There are also other things but I’m not sure if its simply preference or genuine error so perhaps more knowledgeable people can call out those ones to prevent unnecessary revision.
(I do include a few unsure errors though)

I hope I caught most of them, I can’t wait to get into the heart of the story. :smile:


“that my biggest issue was just missed opportunities to develop mc’s personality.”

I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Of course, this is just a 1st version draft of demo/prologue so of course mc’s personality won’t be totally flushed out. 'Course I will also fix and update things as I write along –

Thanks for the detailed feedback and glad to see you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:


This one story I love because get to be great Sherlock apprentice love this :joy_cat:


So will I still be able to romance my childhood friend as myself and not the ancestor?

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Possibly in the future, but you yourself will have to find a way to get back to the present first.

Your childhood friend may start to catch on that your “Ancestor” is NOT yourself also.

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So the only real way is to romance them is through the Ancestor while they’re thinking it’s us?

I haven’t read the demo yet but the premise definitely seems interesting. Keep working on this I think it can be great if done well. Good luck!

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The childhood friend will think it’s you, yes, but only because “you” has amnesia. By the time they figure it out, ‘You’ could have traveled back to the present already. It’s a little confusing, this time travel stuff, and I don’t want to reveal everything just yet, sorry ^-^

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Wait so how far will the romance go then with the childhood friend? Will it go all the way towards doing the deed with the Ancestor? Cause that feels uncomfortable while they’re thinking it’s us and my guy is pining for his crush all the way in the past.

Duel Characters?
Also tone, I don’t get it.
It’s dialog.tlk feels satirical.
Likes it’s conflict, can’t grasp it’s tone.

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The Ancestor does not have to romance the childhood friend. The childhood friend will still have a crush on them, but during that time they will be thinking ‘you’ have amnesia. I haven’t written this part, though…
They probably won’t TRY anything until you ‘regain your memory.’ Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:


So will we only get our body back until the end? Because if so then then the only real way to romance them would be as the ancestor.