Law-Abiding Citizens (WIP) -- Updated 23/08/18 (HUGE HIATUS)



psst, buddy i’m not getting chapter three :disappointed_relieved:
it still says “STILL WORKING ON IT” for me
cleared my cache 'n history, didn’t fix it, not sure if other people are having the same issue.


Really? That’s troubling! I will go and fix it right away, thanks for telling me.


It should be working now! Tell me somethings seems outplace or if you see anymore errors, thank you once again ^^


Need bug sprayer for all the choices here




got the bug i encountered when choosing not to give kid the letter + a couple typos (considered -> considerable + i needs to be capitalized)


;-; I’m so sorry, I will fix them right away.


It should not have those errors anymore, I’m so sorry for having so many errors, i did my best to test them and fix it but it seems some have escaped me.

Hope you still enjoy the game and thank you so much! ^^


There’s nothin to be sorri haha. Thanks you for your game. I really enjoyed it.


Still has a bug.


Thank you, will go fix this very soon :wrench:


Same bug for that first option.



I believe I have fixed this, tell me if it still doesn’t work.

I apologize and thank you for the help!



20 thankful characters


aaand found another bug, got it when refusing to give the letter





I believe I have fixed them, do tell me if they still don’t work. Thank you so much once again!


Hey lol. I am SOOO proud of this game, it’s growing up so fastttt :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: yayyy!

Btw awww Serena only has 5 percent of the RO vote lmao :disappointed::disappointed:


Heey thanks Justice, I always like to see you around and I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much!
I tottaly agree with you on Serena, my poor baby ^^;;


Serene is my RO too, obviously she is the most loyal and kindest among them… I brought her along to deal with Bella , and chose to tell her every detail about the contract with Kid, fully trusting her about everything :slight_smile:

@SmolPirate in your latest chapter Kid said we can keep the money , so do we know how much money we actually keep ? Will these money play a role in our future spending like buying items and food ? and it is legal to keep the money right ? :slight_smile:

“Even if you knew that there was only a slim chance of that happening, you did feel better.”

I think it should be “you didn’t feel better” :slight_smile:


Looking at Ricky position… 6% huh?!, well it seems i have to wait much longer to pursue him :sweat_smile:

Edit : encounter a bug