Law-Abiding Citizens (WIP) -- Updated 23/08/18 (HUGE HIATUS)



15th February, i’m hella excited! :smile:


Only the best of people are born on our birthday. :wink:


You’re a baby from 15th of February too?! :laughing:


Yeah. Kept mom in labor for 14 hours to be born mere minutes after midnight on February 15th.


Happy Early Birthday!! :smiley:


*will play the rest tomorrow.


To both of us then! Happy early birthday :hugs:


Thank you, will go into fixing soon! Hope you enjoy the rest :smile:


Thank you @Umbreonpanda and @SmolPirate . Also happy early birthday back at you smol!


Okay, so, after the latest update, I’ve noticed that there’s an error if you try to pick “No pineapples on pizza.”


Thank you! I’ll be fixing all the mistakes next week, a screenshot would help a lot if you could.


Hey guys i’m back one year older!
So i updated it a bit, fixing the mistakes and adding the option to save and load.
I believe no more errors are going to happen but if they do please inform me.

I’m going to insert a poll so you guys can vote.
This poll is if you guys prefer for me to write bit by bit each RO route and update it, or write a full chapter of one RO and update it.

  • Write bit by bit.
  • Write full chapter.

0 voters

If you have any questions, do ask :smiley:.
I’m loving everyone’s support! :heart:


I say write chapter and upload one by one so the pain of cliffhangers is lesser


So one RO chapter per update?


Yeah. It will make a bit of a wait for yours RO but i think its better then bit by bit
Then again its up to you to do as you see fit


Thank you ^^
I also think that’s the best option, and just from the votes i’m getting on the poll i can see that many agree. So i will do this, now time for another poll of who should be first, by order of who’s everyone’s favourite characters.

  • Trevor
  • Serena
  • Ricky
  • Raven
  • Bella
  • Kid
  • Bella and Kid (poly)

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I love them all so don’t ask me ;-;


Write full chapter 100%

Write bit by bit 0%

Close call, amirite?


It’s a hard choice, many people are in debate which to choose.


"He nods decisively yet again and abruptly stands up. He stretches a bit and then stares at you. “You’re our new ride-along.” He states and you almost jump.

“Just like that?” You ask and he nods.

“Do you have any questions?”

Found an error. This text repeats for every question, after the answer.


Thank you I will go fix this right away!



I am so happy that I have finished this, I apologize for the delay.

We have now come to choose the route, I hope the way to choose the route wasn’t complicated, and if you have any suggestions tell me!

So I want you guys to vote on the character you want me to write the first route of. The poll is post #95

If I reach 50 votes - without any tied characters - I will start writing the first chapter of their route. And then the second most voted, and just like that.