Law-Abiding Citizens (WIP) -- Updated 23/08/18 (HUGE HIATUS)



Serena is definitely the purest… And I have a lot in store for her. :smile:

To be exact I was planning something with it, but I can’t seem to make it work. If it does fail eventually I will keep your idea in mind.

;-; No, I did mean what I wrote. Serena can make anyone feel better when there’s almost nothing to feel happy about. But I can see your point.

I’m kind of glad really because Ricky’s story is going to be one of hardest to write. :wink:

I will fix this soon and thank you so much!


When I think of Raven, detective Rosa Diaz comes to mind.


I don’t know who she is but I could definitely see that comparison :smile:


she is a character from Brooklyn nine nine.


Yes. Yes that is totally her. I can see that so clearly.


Yeah… i definitely can notice that :smile: I chose the option of " I think she will be a good wife" for my impression of Serena :blush: Just like what you state in your story , my MC felt silly for his thought, but i am glad such choice is included :smile: , I was worry Bella going to kidnap her but luckily she let Serena go , i was feeling bad for dragging Serena into it…but at the same time couldn’t resist the choice of inviting her along :blush: … the following conversation with her was heart warming and i already chose Serena to be my partner :blush: Happy to know that there will more in store for Serena :grin:

I agree with you on that :smile:


That’s so cute! I’ll be sure to make Serena’s route very rewarding.

I’m glad since I thought that would be hard to explain. Thank you :grinning:


You are welcome :grin: That is not difficult to explain at all, the way Serena fumbled with her words just make me chuckled the way she said she was not busy at all to accompany me… and the telephone conversation was so comforting ? mesmerising ? I couldn’t even find the correct word to describe it… did she really feel tired when i asked her to rest ? she replied so naturally that made me speechless :relaxed: You are doing a marvelous job with those character interaction :smile:


I do try my best to add realism to every character. I love writing them and love bringing them to life with their differences.

:blush::blush: Thank you so much you have no idea how much your comments made me smile. I hope to see more of you and I’m excited to show you more!


Thank you …Thank you :grin: I am excited to be officially partner with Serena as well :blush:

One thing i am worrying though is Serena’s vulnerability towards conflicts and Villains may take advantage of my fondness towards her and take her hostage, Bella’s faction surely must know by now how much i care for her ,so i do fear for Serena’s safety especially if i am going to bring along her to dangerous neighbourhood … do you think Serena will listen if i ask her to stay back from some dangerous mission? I really don’t want her to get hurt during cross-fire

and i am just wondering , will Serena be trick easily when someone told her i had been hold hostage and request her to go to them ? :slight_smile:


I found a bug,


chapter3 line 421: increasing indent not allowed, expected 6 was 7
This came up after I tried to tell Ricky to “Get some rest too”. (I’m playing as a male MC and didn’t give Kid the letter.)


Well Serena is definitely the most emotional so I would think she would jump the gun without hesitation If it was about someone she cared about.
But we also have to remember that she is incredibly smart and has the purest heart.
I won’t say further because of spoiler but don’t underestimate Serena :wink:

I will fix this soon do not worry! Thank you ^^


Oops…you are correct, if was my bad …i underestimated Serena’s ability , which i totally shouldn’t :sweat_smile:
So i sure will constantly stay tune for your project :grin:


Hope you do stick around!


I believe i have fixed the errors that you guys reported as well as changing a few things.

I’m so glad the votes reached 50 so quickly, and i can see where your hearts are already ^^
Since Raven has won in votes, i will prioritise in writing her chapter.
I’m not sure when it will come out but i am calculating that it would be next week. I can’t promise anything though :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much for all your support and i’m loving writing this story! Love you all :heart:


Ahhh… i didn’t know where to vote and my heart is with Serena :smile:

It is alright, although i prefer Serena … Raven is an interesting RO as well :smile:

by the way, you classified relationship into friendship and romance , how will they play a part in character interaction ? So if the MC has low friendship rating but high romance rating, the RO can has romance with MC right? what if the friendship rating is much higher than Romance rating, will the RO only consider the MC as only “friend” … well, right now Serena friendship rating is the highest with 57 but her romance rating is only 10 … i am kind of worry she will eventually only regard me as “friend” and not romance partner :slight_smile:


So, I meant to explain this earlier but I forgot.
Anyways, it’s okay if the friendship bar is higher than the romance one. The only thing you need to worry about here is if the romance bar is high enough to start a romance.
It’s the same thing if the romance is higher than the friendship. You’ll have to worry about increasing friendship to a certain level.

Basically to summarise. The RO will only be willing to date you if the friendship and romance bar pass a certain number (both).

I hope this makes sense, if you have more questions feel free to ask.


Could we have someone to hate us and then bam and we are in a relationship? Is that kind of thing possible? To have love - hate relationship?


I believe what you are trying to imply is a relationship where there are a lot of disagreements and silly arguments. And that is possible depending on the character you want to romance, if both your personalities contrast each other.
But if friendship is low you can not romance someone, as in my perspective, the friendship bar is some sort of trust bond. A relationship without trust is not a healthy relationship.

Also a heads up that you can lose friendship while dating a RO, and this can cause infidelity, break up or even actual hatred (only if the friendship bar is down to 0)


Aga! So to get it straight…

If I have some small arguments or disagreements with my chosen RO, i still can have a relationship with them as long as i help them and stand as a good friend and partner.? But i still can disagree with some things or her actions?