Law-Abiding Citizens (WIP) -- Updated 23/08/18 (HUGE HIATUS)



Absolutely right! :smile:


Oow that is nicee!!! Cuz i just hate when i like one RO and suddenly when i disagree with them my chance to romance them vanishes.!


You and me both. After all opposites do attract :wink:


Good. I hate that in games haha


You are awesome with your way of Romance Interaction, i totally agree with you… sometime even if we are romancing someone, there is still lots of issue concerning trust and personality, so by having high romancing stats, our RO could “love” us, but based on how the MC carry on with his/her life and personality , it can affect the trust and interaction with the RO… for example, if the MC prefer to cheat on the RO or doing something that is not agreeable with the RO’s personality, it will drop the friendship rating …and even though the RO might still “love” the MC, he/she might decide not to live a happy life via marriage with the MC :slight_smile:

and if they have high friendship rating, the MC might decide not to pursue a romance route with the RO, so the RO will understand and remain as a trusted friend… that is totally awesome and it gives the romance interaction meaningful story :smile:


Thank you so much for sharing your opinion and for agreeing with my point of perspective. One thing I think you misunderstood is that the friendship cannot be affected by the personality. Because I think people can love others no matter the personality, since that is what makes them unique.
But the rest i agree with you 100 percent, you seem to have a good understanding of the romance I’m trying to create and I enjoy reading your opinions ^^


Haha… Thanks for the compliment :smile: :blush:


Umm the whole detective bit is misleading, given that when you join the police you start off as a beat cop and work your way up to detective, and then Sgt, then Lt etc. It’s not like you can come out of the police academy and decide you want to be a detective.


You mean Trevor right? If so, Trevor did go through the process of climbing the ladder, but when he was in England. He moved to America because they had a job for him in there, since he was a pretty good detective in his country.

The rest of them are simple officers, while the MC is a ride-along.

But if stuff seem a bit unrealistic I might be doing it on purpose, since I’m trying to create a world with different rules and law. I apologize in advance if it sounds confusing. :smile:


umm no I mean you say “I was told I’m intelligent. I ranked top scores in every exam at the academy and my teachers even suggested that I would be better as a detective than a police officer.” when that’s literally not how it works


Oh i get what you mean! But I think you might have misunderstood. The MC wants to be a police officer, nothing more, while the teachers were suggesting that after that, they would be suited if they continued up the ladder until they reach detective.


Also, as the players, should we get to decide what our MC wants? (within reason of course)


Yes, I do feel bad for forcing the choice of wanting to be a police officer. But for now, to simplify stuff, that’s what it will be. Though when i finish, maybe at the end, the MC can have the choice to be what they want to be. :sweat_smile:


I mean given you have to start off as a police officer even if you want to be a detective, the player wanting to be a detective, wouldn’t stop them from needing to be an officer first.


Yes, but this complicates the story with the MC’s father a lot. Please bare with me… :disappointed_relieved:


The player still has a long way to go anyway, being as they’re just a ride-along, learning from experienced officers and getting a feel for if they’d actually like to pursue a career in law enforcement or not after their ride-along time ends. You can go to the academy, do your ride-along and then decide/realize that you really don’t want to be a police officer or have anything to do with law enforcement.

I have seen some dominant, alpha type people go to the academy, come back, and within the first week of their ride-along time they wet themselves and never came back. This is also why we typically like to give potential recruits their ride-along time before they finish their degree or go to the academy, that way they don’t waste our resources (if we’re the ones sending them to the academy and paying for it) and time (because babysitting a recruit is quite time consuming) or their own resources and time (since it takes a bit to get a degree or enroll in an academy and both cost money).

As to having to start off as a police officer first, that isn’t necessarily true. If you go for the longer degrees in criminal justice, meaning not the two year, but the four year and beyond, you may end up just doing a ride-along period to learn the area and meet ‘the players’, before hitting the desk and studying the cases. Especially if you supplement your degree with classes in forensics and/or go to special academy classes for criminal investigation.

Sometimes when you’re getting your degree, you do get noticed and can sometimes be put on the fast-track to a desk job position like a detective. They push and encourage you to get the longer degrees, enroll you in certain classes or even set you up with special courses in the academy. This is usually only done for those that are especially intelligent or particularly observant, since those are the ones who would typically end up working their way from the streets to the desk anyway. They’re most often sought after by federal agencies, but occasionally some decline the offer and go work for a police agency instead, and usually in a desk job position.

That being said, yes, most recruits will have to work their way up to a position like detective, but there are also those that are fast tracked and recruited directly into such a position.


Such a detailed answer :open_mouth:
Thank you so much for the help, I really do appreciate this and I will gladly say that I learned something that I didn’t know.

Writing something that I don’t know much about is hard so I still like to incorporate the world-building element, which allows me to add a bit of unrealistic stuff ^^;;

I appreciate everything you pointed out here though and everyone’s help with making it seem believable. I do really love writing this after all :smile:


Are your project emphasis on story driven and character interaction or will it has more “gaming” element that require various skills?

I mean is the outcome of an event base on choices we make , where different choice will result in different consequence until it conclude the story ? or skill such as Armed / unarmed combat and diplomatic will play important role on whether we can advance the plots? Will there be situation where we need to use our weapon to confront criminals ? and in such case, is there any stat check to determine whether we hit the target ? :slight_smile:


Yes to both. Though the story is more focused on story and character interaction, there will be more gameplay aspects. Wether will be catching a criminal, looking for clues or interrogating someone, and yes shooting at a target.
All of this, according to stats and all, will be figured out when it comes.

But thank you for showing interest and for sharing your thoughts on new ways to improve this game. I greatly appreciate it! :smile:




I’ve been working on this one for almost two weeks. Kill me please. I really hope y’all enjoy it and I’m gonna be working on Trevor’s one next.

It was really hard to write Raven so I hope I didn’t mess up anything. Also, if I have any mistakes, whether it’s grammar or an error, please tell me. I would be forever grateful.

I managed to upload it this week as promised :>
Even thought it’s 23:40 here… hehehe

Thank you everyone! <3