Kingdom Of Azisa

I was looking through the forums one day when I saw the sequel for lords of aswick the big papaya of medieval choice ofand I thought with games like kingdoms:ember in ashes and war for the west already on here the next year is gonna belong to games in the medieval times. So I wanted to see if I could make one but do something unique. Instead of one set in Europe what if I did one in medieval Africa and what other medieval empires than Ghana Mali and Songhai so those are the cultures it’s based on. So finally getting into the story you play a noble of low birth in the fictional nation of azisa or former nation as 25 years before mc birth the city-state was conquered (wonder if thats important) following you from life to death how will you rise or fall as a male or female will you stay loyal to your conquerors or fight for independent in this game of life ( description might change. So first some might think well you just cancelled your last game how do I know you won’t bail well you don’t all we can do is hope. So how about you tell people about this okay bye.


Sounds interesting always like Midevil theme games

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Im interested, just hope this WiP doesnt end up like so many other, and die before it could even get a demo.

How about the Persian empire or Macedonia empire


this future WIP see interesting…and you can combine some times or empires ( like Persian adn Roman etc etc to create your own )

I’m really excited about this prospect but look up the gender differences. Women could have a very different way about expressing power in that society.

Look I do agree this is gonna be a great game but I would rather like if u could shift ur focus from umm africa to ig india (it’s my own country)n i see that it had been neglected in ig american or british history books (ik just ur probably thinking I like my country thats y I’m telling u all this)but no here I have some valid points to make ,n pls forgive me if I come off a little rude it’s just that when I get into an idea I get a really big idea

India had a really long past go watch crash course ,there was the Indus valley civilization that was way ahead of its time , there were people with full fledged drainage even b4 Europe was a continent {n no Aryans aren’t hitler people they used to be great warriors of this land that hitler twisted n changed it to promote his ideas}

There was also the maurya dynasty that was around the same time of Alexander the great , yes he died of fever but once his army collapsed there was a new empire that rose out of it the mauryan empire in india

The grandson of the person that made the mauryan dynasty conquered almost the whole india but gave up fighting when he saw the horror he had brought from his fighting , he adopted ideals from Buddhism n became a pacifist

N well after ashoka(the grandson) died the pacifist kingdom also collapsed n became into many small kingdoms , n then came the mughal (not mongol)they were islamic n a minority in india yet became the kings of the whole of india due to the fact akbar the king, really accepted religious diversity n was fascinated by all the religions he even had non islamic people in his court (that was a big thing at that time)but as it goes all kingdoms fall n same thing happened ,India again became into very small kingdoms n that’s when the britishers came , n well the rest is the history ig u will know

India became a colony of british empire n got it’s independence because of Gandhi

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I like it too, the idea of the game seems pretty good, I’d be interested in playing it.
And if I may make a suggestion too, I’m a big fan of Shaka Zulu, the way he built an empire is pretty impressive IMO, and he was also a really good strategist. If I’m not mistaken he is from the 18th or 19th century, so there won’t be all that medieval stuff, but I think it could at least provide some ideas for your WIP.

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Well, it is his game, and it being set in Africa does seem to be a pretty big part of it, so I dont think hes going to change that.

Yeah I was just saying that if he hasn’t done anything yet,Well if he has made the game np

I personally don’t mind the game being set in Africa. It’s something I haven’t seen before and perhaps it will offer an engaging experience.

That aside, what really draws me in is that I absolutely love anything with a historical context/background to it.

It’s not gender-locked and I can basically start a rebellion? Sign me up!

One thing that did catch my eye though is that, in the tags, there is low-fantasy. Will there be magic involved?

Can you only play as a leader of those two empires or is it possible to be leader of other nations in Africa during the time like Al mohads in North Africa Abssyiana adal and ajuraan in East Africa and kaneen empire in central africa

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I hope there’s no magic, or if there is very little of it. Magic irritates me and I don’t know why😅.

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Magic tends to be all over. Even Game of Thrones, with a lower level of fantasy is still steeped in ridiculously large amounts of magic. I think it’s just a breath of fresh air to see anything that doesn’t have something to do with magic. Some stories I just want to see be “possible” in the real world. Nothing suffers from this more than medieval times types of stories.

I agree, magic tends to be everywhere, but Im willing to give Game of Thrones a pass for that, because of how well written it is and how much I love the characters and plot. (I also cant really deal with sci fi since Ive never had any love for physics, chemistry, and biology. Dune is the exception though.)

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I’m a simple person. I see my story and I like the thread.

Sorry I,took so long to respond got logged out but anyway to answer your questions I’ve rethought the magic I was just watching a movie about magic so I had it on the mind. Oh yeah to the guy who wanted me to shift from Africa to India I was kinda attached to what I had but I could meet you halfway and make two story lines one set in Asia and the other in Africa or create a path where you can become a trading empire be come and influence the history of multiple empires around the known world in your lifetime. Also to the Zulu guy most if not all the names in this will be Zulu ones also a little in game lore is that thousands of years ago the first empire the noktu(loosely based off real life nok civilization) conquered the northern half of the continent and since they brought culture religion architecture (and their iron weapons) to the north they supposedly ‘civilized’ it but since they never conquered the south their thought to be uncivilized and the empires of the south will be based off Zulu and you can travel to the lands of the south and meet them and their are some traders in the city from their you can meet that are discriminated against. Also about the rebellion thing it’s actually going to be your lifelong friend and relative of the former royalty sonni to start the rebellion but I am thinking of adding a part after you rebel if it’s successful sonni becomes imperialist and dictatorial also due to his traditionalist beliefs killing and deporting Muslims and cutting off trade with such kingdoms and certain factions want you his closet friend to assassinate him and take his place. Also just a little more background information the Conquering nation of ganya and your home of abiza it goes back to when they were both vassels of the larger wagadu empire and competed for influence in the royal court Cebu(ganya city) had the most wealth in the kingdom but abiza was a center of culture and knowledge and many scholars flocked to it’s colleges also artisans came because it had been named the artist paradises. Eventually wagadu from multiple wars became deep in debt and to pay it off totally annexed the wealthy cebu. Azisa saw this as a victory and had a parade to celebrate but ganya got the last laugh. Under their second king the ganians tried 3 times to conquer azisa and failed but under siboniso the conqueror they annexed azisa. In fact I plan on adding your father and grandfather as an example of the generation divide your grandpa fought in Everyone of the three wars against them outnumbered and yet still victorious after annexation he remained traditionalist to his beliefs he views your father’s generation as weak seeing as they outnumbered the by ganians 15,000 to 40,000 but still failed and he warns you and your cousin’s to be different while your father a respected trading empire before ganya stripped him of his company and gave him a fealty of 5.villages and 2 cities thinks that times are changing and that the universe doesn’t care about your views and will change with or without you has accepted Islam and other ganya culture. Also i might focuse on romance more than others like you might get a reluctunt bride who you will have take time off to get to know or a wife who has been raised since birth to be an obedient wife who you will have to work hard to get to be more than a doll who does nothing other than what you say or maybe your into that. Or for my ladies you’ll get a in the closet homosexual husband who knows. So that’s everything have a good night everyone. Sorry if I spoiled to much story or made this too long had a lot of ground to cover


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