Kids 'R' Us Orphanage

World War III has broken out across the globe. You are a newly hired caretaker at an orphanage funded by neutral NGOs. Today’s your first day. Your job is to make sure your “class” of children are properly “educated” in the art of “self-defense” or how to be “productive”. This is to make sure they are successfully “adopted”…for the right “funding”, of course.

Enter a world of depravity and agony. A world where not an ounce of sanity or mercy can be found, no matter how hard you look. You have been given the chance to change things. A choice to embrace it and take it to new heights, or to make it better, or to simply just turn away from it all.


So wait, can I actually write this? It’s gonna be pretty…mature. Or rather, dark and polluting to anyone’s mind.

Sounds promising B-)

i like it i thought i was going to be the child

That would be in book two.

o kool

Because no matter what you do in book one, spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler.


Oh I’m sorry, didn’t you disable spoilers in your account settings?

Hm, I like it! I wonder how you’ll handle the stat system and tying it into the gameplay.

So you play a teacher at an orphanage/school that trains orphans as child soldier slaves?

Could be very interesting, or just horrible. Depends on how it’s executed.

If you like the premise, then all I can say is, well, it should. Because I spent about a week or two to settle on this premise after trying to find out what setting hasn’t already been done here and what I think people would enjoy reading. I decided to make this thread so that I would be shackled to my obligation to the people, as I am a very flaky and whimsical individual.

@Shoelip: also child prostitute slaves, if “productive” in scare quotes means what I think it does.

The choice to “embrace the depravity and agony and take it to new heights” – yeah, I wouldn’t enjoy reading that, and I’d enjoy writing it even less. @Neo, are you sure you want to go down that route? It is possible to write a grim-as-hell setting with a fair range of choices, but exclude the psychopathic ones.

The story could take as given that the protagonist has infiltrated as a teacher to try to shut the horrific place down somehow, and the choices revolve around how far you’re willing to compromise your humanity along the way to preserve your cover.

I guess I’m not the target audience. Regardless, if I’m not misreading you on “productive”… I’d really rather not see Choice of Kiddy Rape getting traded around the site. Can we not go there?

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@Havenstone I can go down any route you want me to.

Let’s go there! Here, I’ll even hold your hand.

I think he means more towrds the lines of soldiers or more like this position?

I can go down any route too, no matter how dark.

Neo, I personally would like it if you did the bad, scary path: the one on the first post. JSYK.

@Hermit Child sex slaves! Also, I’m only going to reply to questions.

I do not know if CoG will support a game like this.

Eh, if it’s written in a tactful and non exploitative manner, then it could be a powerful work of fiction. Just be very careful, with this type of subject matter, among other things, you’ll be walking on eggshells.

Question: Will there be a morality system in place, and if so, will it be more complex than just good/bad?