Kids 'R Us: Has it Died?


Hello everyone, it’s been a while and i’m just wondering if Kids R’ Us, a Game @Neo was working on, is still alive.


I sent Neo a message about it asking about it, he sent me the prologue and I quite liked it.
Also on his channel he stated he will quote ‘‘get Intro, Background, Prologue, and Chapter 1 done and then send it in and see how that goes.’’
So I guess we just have to wait and see, haven’t seen much activity from Neo since his thread got locked.


Because I’m a lazy NOOOOOOOOB.

Three day weekend. Okay. That’s 72 hours. I will not stop except for porn. You have my word.


send me the prologue link

If you lie to us i will have @SengokuKronos send his Ninja Bunny Assassins after you!



I didn’t think anyone would ever use that word here. Thanks for proving me wrong ^^


I can just PM you the prologue if @Neo is okay with it.



@Neo, Are you ok with it?


@Zed and @noogai Yes


he said yes, so pm me it already!


@Neo may I please have the prolouge?


@HenryCarlisleCullen Uh, yes. Everyone can see it. I’ve edited it from what I gave Noogai. So I guess I’ll just PM it to everyone who wants to read it here.


i do


@vampierkid222 Done.


I’d like to see it, too. :smiley:


Why not just post the link publicly?


@seryou Done

@Luxtizer There’s a link?


Me also please. I didn’t make my account in time to post on your thread, but I am really interested in what your doing with this game.


-hand up- Pick me! Please pick me! I wanna try!


It’s not a Demo, but more of a passage from the actual game.


Lol, yea. It’s not a “game” yet, but the infrastructure is all there. Just need to give it the meat. @Syndicate and @Bagelthief You guys still wanna read it?