Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday–Escape your captors…endure your rescuers!

I think it has something to do with ‘True Love’s Kiss’…The only options to break the curse are like kiss, Clap and Kiss… I chose to kiss and she didn’t turn into an Owl…


I have to ask whenever I do something dark or against the story like thinking I should leave it says but it would be wrong or something . Is it intentional or can I raise a stat to do what I want.

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I love it princess buttercup someone likes princess bride. Though i did play through 2 times now… i cant wait to marry the Amazon …

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I exiled those traitors

@liam12361 I explored all types of punishments in many many many play throughs…

This is the first game I’ve been saddened there isn’t a ‘marry them all’ ending. I mean, I get it, monarch and all.

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I really liked the game I would say! Humor was a little hit or miss for me and at times made it hard for me to understand at which times I was able to make a choice if it was one that relied on/built a stat and actually led to something or if it was just like a joke response thing where none of them really mattered. Also I have only done one playthrough and I usually don’t absolutely need one, but a stat explanation page would have definately helped out. Not having that plus the aforementioned problem I would run into made it sometimes be rough to get through with me wondering if what im picking was the right thing for my character I was playing.

Other than that, all of the characters were pretty great even though it felt like I didnt get to know them that well which is understandable with the events that take place. My ending was similar to @alliebee’s and only choosing to put someone down finally at the end with that cool moment since what she did was over the line. That was very nicely written as a response!

Also one part that definately made me laugh was the, “If thou thinkest thou can taketh me,” “Then advance upon me, brethren!” choice. Then again I always find different variations of “Come at me bro!” to still be funny lol

Anyway, cheers to the writer and I look forward to playing a few more playthroughs!


You make a simple grunt and the faintest tilt of your head. The commoner lowers ($[peasant_hisher] head in overt shame.
I found this in my game as i greeted Quinn

Please send bugs to support AT choiceofgames DOT com.

I did like it but I feel as if I got pretty much the full experience in one go.
And the stats could have really needed an explanation page

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Ok, enough people have complained that I have to know. What on earth is so confusing about the stats? The names? I am really and truly mystified. Now if there is some way in which they were poorly or confusing applied, please let me know but the names are…self-explanatory! Like, we usually try to get authors to be a bit clever with the names of stats and no dig on Charles, but these are not amazingly creative and I struggle to understand why people are finding them confusing.*

Though etiquette is actually:

Stature is a basic secondary stat that tracks progress toward regaining your position as heir.

Guild Premium Membership is effectively how much of a “damsel” or “imperiled person” you are/how well you followed the rules of the Damsel Guild. How much learned helplessness you’re displaying/roleplaying.

Freelance Damsel is the opposite: you go your own way, you’re not a conventional in distress type.

Guild Demerits …are what they sound like! This one only impacts a few choices/flavor moments at the end of the game. It’s just for fun.

*for confusing/poetic stat names please check out the delightful @leewardvessel’s WIP Samhain Invasion.


Maybe “stat explanation” was the wrong focus but rather what choices build or rely on a certain stat. I think one example was in the troll fight there was a moment I could pick the choice to trick it into breaking its spear I think.

Which stat is that based on cause it wasnt strategy which to me sounds like a tactical move and also there are other times when there would be 2 choices related to attacking with a weapon. It was during the gnomepires fight I think and included in the choices were to wait for the right moment and strike or just strike it basically. Have no clue whats the difference on those, im guessing one is strategy and the other is grace…but then again one of them could require both grace and strategy or…yeah I dont know.

I think most of the time I was confused with choices that I would guess could be between grace, strategy, and the independent stat too.
“Just for fun” stats are alright but how are people supposed to know if those
will lead to “failing” an action or something rather than getting just a different flavor.

Also just my opinion, but I rather keep the cleverness out of the place I go for crucial information about my character and leave it in the actual narrative. That way im not trying to figure out what actions/dialogue option wording would fit under a one word stat that could be interpreted in different ways.


I second @Elseguard but I also want to say that I think the beginning when you’re building your stats doesn’t do a very good job at helping you understand what each is and how you can apply them later. I honestly thought that Etiquette was the game’s Charm or Charisma when I was playing the start because I build it by, at least what I thought, was being charming and talking to people, but clearly that isn’t the case. I just never really never got a good sense for what my MC could do. Things I thought he would fail at he succeed and things I thought he would do great at he failed. Which is a shame because I feel like, on the flip side, the game does do a great job at getting you to understand what your rescuers are good at and how best to use them.


Sure. Makes sense. That’s fair and actionable feedback about how the stats work but it’s not the same as “stats need explanation” or at least the way I was reading those requests.

Well, to be honest, I don’t see how its not the same? Or at least how they don’t go hand in hand. I think the problem is that the stats, by playing the game, aren’t well explained and that makes it hard to figure out how stats work. If I can’t understand what the stats are I can’t make choices that work for my MC, it makes it harder to look at the choices and figure out which choices rely on which stat, or if they even rely on a stat at all. The beginning when you build your stats is a great chance to show off “this stat is this and can be used for this” and I don’t think this game does a good job at that and having a place in game where the stats are explained, especially in the author’s own words, would go a long way towards clearing up confusion. Certainty not all the stats need it but looking at them I certainly wouldn’t know if, say, my MC was the right person to join in a fight or try to sneak around an enemy or talk things out with their siblings without violence. I want to know what my MC can do, what they can do is determined by the stats, if I can’t understand what the stats are then I don’t know what my MC can do and I make choices that I guess should work and when they don’t its just kind of frustrating.


I know it’s quite obvious but… Can someone explain what really mean ready for the Ball/adventure?

I think ready for the ball means your ready for dancing and wearing fancy clothes and been a typical type princess/prince and ready for adventure is more thill seeking, sword welding not your typical princess/prince. I’m not sure but I think that’s right :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s right!

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Ok, thank you.

Now how did I do a princess in distress ready for adventure? Something is wrong hère…

Cool game. But I can’t help but think of Cinderella Phenomenon while playing it.