Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday–Escape your captors…endure your rescuers!

Lol I wanted to kick both of the royal brats and throw them in the dungeon…

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Well, it is actually possible to punish both of the siblings. However, the relationships with the two need to be equal, which is difficult to say the least. It would need to be carefully adjusted. If successful, one does have the pleasure of throwing both of the treacherous backstabbers into the dungeon. There is even an unique option of locking both of them in a tower for the rest of their lives, with goblins tending to them, a fitting reversal.


I got to punish both of them. I don’t know what determines it though.

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I’m interested in the the story but I struggle to gasp what’s going on.

like the choices reflect that of a child at the start and not someone who is mature enough to be the heir to the throne.

so with this in mind, how old is the MC supposed to be? what about your siblings because again I struggle to determine how old they are, children? teenagers? maybe its just me.

Also can you marry in this game?

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I’m also interested in how to punish both of the brats, I ended up beating Leticia’s champion myself, but could only punish Edward


I was really looking forward to this game and there is a lot that I like about it… but one big thing that I did not.

I really liked the plot and characters. The plot was fun, escaping the tower was a lot of fun (until the gnomepires), all the rescuers are fun and I actually really liked the MC’s parents and was actually pretty sad when they died! I think trying to find out which of your team to do what was a fun puzzle and I liked being able to play an MC who didn’t have to be a bad-ass.

All that being said I think the stats and choices are downright frustrating. I feel like I never got the hang of what choices go to what stats and what my MC was actually good at doing. Sometimes it seemed like they were good at being sneaky, sometimes they were not. Sometimes they could get the other characters to do what they wanted by acting like a traditional damsel, sometimes they could not. Sometimes they could be very charismatic and sometimes they weren’t. I really, deeply wish there was a stat explanation page so I could at least have some idea what was what. My MC ended up with a ridiculously high “etiquette” stat but I have no idea what good it was after the beginning of the game. (My playthrough really felt like it started to just go downhill after the gnomepires.

Maybe during my replay I’ll have better luck, or if I play a vastly different MC I’ll have a better chance but I really wanted to be able to play someone who got by on their charm and kindness alone…


Check one of the earlier posts, they wrote what each stat does basically.

Yeah, I saw that when I started playing. I still had issues. Thank you, though.


The writing was absolutely great for this game, and I haven’t audibly laughed at a Choice game in quite a while… “One time!!!”

But, I’ll echo the stat confusion, especially with being sneaky. I feel like it may have honestly just been a case of ‘No matter what you will get caught in these specific story beats’.


Lol I finally got throw both the royal brats in the dungeon,that Etiquette teacher Madame Arjon too…

Enjoyed this game. I ended up with the Amazon on my first playthrough. May go for Rose next. Was hoping for more intimate moments with the rescuers by themselves. I like listening to Bonnie Tyler’s Holding out for a hero while playing it.

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Relationship equal , how do you even do that :sweat_smile:

For the madam i arranged a fancy “last cup of tea”


I made pretty neutral choices or made it about myself when they both bickered.

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Like everyone else has mentioned, I think the stats need an explanation page, including the Guild’s “freelance damsel” and “premium membership” stats. Also think the choices in the last 2 chapters weren’t very obvious. I remember one of them was “The King and Queen are dead!” which I thought would make the public understand the gravity of the situation and to stop bickering, but instead the it played as “they’re dead, and I’M the one in charge now!”. Maybe some context could be added in the choices to avoid confusion. Oh, and in the last few pages I think, there’s a line that reads {player_hishername} or somewhat.

That aside, I loved the game! It was funny and well-paced. The characters (except for the siblings, obv) were easy to like, too. I didn’t get to be monarch (I think it’s because of my Stature?) but I still managed to solve the conspiracy and end up with my knight in shining armour! Excited to play it again :slight_smile:


Same lol :kissing_cat::smirk_cat::smile_cat:,politely scared her too…with the poison from the Vampire lord’s venomous dagger/knife…

I made diplomatic kinda choices… Lol took different punishment option for the royal bratty siblings in each playthrough…


Did someone manage to break Rose’s curse?

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This game was so much more fun than I was expecting, it was lighthearted and intense at the same time. I hadn’t even finished the free chapters before I knew I HAD to buy it. I loved the found family my group kind of formed, and I actually laughed out loud at several points, which I don’t often do when reading. Specifically when you can convince the damsels to take up arms in the final confrontation. It has me cackling like a madwoman. It was so well done!

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I was pretty lenient with most everyone else… except her. . We had gotten along very well up until that point, but I knew something was off. I stuck out my pinky like we joked about way back in the beginning of the game, even though my MC was VERY polite and knew it was wrong, and waited for her to notice. She sighed and tried to explain herself. I told her it would be her last cup of tea. She giggled sadly, said something about the No tea in the dungeons, and Reached for a finger sandwich. My MC swiped everything off the table, sending it crashing on the floor, and told her to finish her poisoned tea. NOW. I wasn’t expecting that. It was intense, but also, very well done. She murdered the king and queen. She betrayed my family’s trust. There’s no coming back from that.


hahahaha i can’t believe this

i marry a goblin lmao