Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday–Escape your captors…endure your rescuers!

Lol In which way this was even a Cinderella situation?!?
Eh, each of their own opinions, I can’t really tell how your brain is understanding this…
But, please do explain us…

No offense… But THE HELL?!?
There’s nothing wrong here dude… Thinking that Princess (or a Prince) HAS to be dressed pretty and had to be saved by guards or a hero is a typical and literal story idea and a bigoted one…

@Lordlorac was referring to a popular VN (Cinderella Phenomenon), I believe. Nothing about a Cinderella situation.


Ooh… Lol my bad…

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That’s not what I was saying. For me, in distress in this game, is the one who is manipulating other to do the work for them (helping them in the shadows maybe). That sort of character would prefer sens people on adventure than going themselves.
Nothing to do with being pretty.

Yes I was referring to a VN.

I agree. To some extent the game is commenting on the phenomenon of “learned helplessness” and its status (mostly by women but not exclusively) as a means of interpersonal manipulation. It’s also mocking it.


That was something it was Fun to read. you had Everything in It A brave night, Tough women, A princess or Prince I mean it’s quite interesting to see that A prince needed rescue.

All in All a Great piece of work I like Medival Fantasy story’s and that was Somehow absolut completely different from what you Knew
Quite entertaining in its own way

But I have problems with the abilitys from ur MC I mean my choice was Taktik or a Tactical approach my MC should be A Master In Tactical approaches but somehow I failed.
To beat the game you need To accomplish some situations (I guess)
A Glossary Could help (or I hope so) because even if you build a character who can fight… You know nothing about fighting???

The fails where entertaining at least so

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I also needed 3 Runs to Get a feeling for all Abilities (Quite) somehow I was wondering how this could Fail but. That is something that makes the game itself interesting. Some Games doesn’t care About your abilities you can have low charisma but you can talk your way out of anything. That’s the point where I wonder if this is important at all (you miss tiny details in that game) so you have a Fair point I guess this game follows something like ‘’ try&Fail=learn’’ if you know what I m

I feel sorry for this story to having get bad reviews on steam. I feel like it doesn’t really deserve the hate as for me with “A Midsummer Night’s Choice” it got a pretty good sense of humor (loved the bit with the “True love kiss” and your character reactions :joy: it also got a good cast of characters in your team of rescuers and you really have to deal with their antics (2 dimwits muscle headed a True drama queen and a poor fellow with big dreams). Is true the game either push you into the Distress damsel or the Snobbish prince role. But it sell exactly what it promise.

8/10 A good read, funny characters and a story that play the stupid situations straight. There is kind of a serious/dark tone at the end if you discover who was behind the plot but I liked that as if you think about it every fairytale have a grim side to it :wink:


I’m very surprised by the Steam reviews for this game. I genuinely enjoyed this one, and I don’t feel that it’s worst than the majority of Choicescript games. I’m honestly puzzled here. It has a very distinct sense of humor and seems suited for specific roles that may not be everyone’s cup of tea (such as being helpless or manipulative), but for my personal enjoyment it’s in my top 20% and I would have guessed it’s steam average would be a 7.5/10 or higher.


I didn’t see critic from Steam for this game, but generally on Steam it’s people who complain about lack of graphisme and gameplay. Maybe it’s the same here.

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I think the idea of choosing to be passive in a very stereotypical-yet-ironic way is counter to the play instincts of a lot of players.


That’s a very sound analysis, and it’s one I hadn’t thought of. It would match up with a lot of the most popular games involving very active/powerful characters.

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To corroborate this analyse, people at first didn’t like the powerless main character in Soulstone (but it’s character wise, you were just a peasant until a few weeks ago where the others were warrior, magician, half dragon…).


Just wanted to thank the author for letting me do this:

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