Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)





We got a date!


I was wondering what is the Dragonborn like in this story I’ve only played the old demo and found out about the spieces and their the one in most curious about


Any idea how much the game will cost upon release?


The game is stated to be finished.
As seen on the first post for your convenience quoted below.


Naw, my question was about the demo. As in this minute because it’s really slow at work with 3/4 of the office away at a site, and I want something longer than 1 chapter to read right now. As in if the 1 Chapter message was the current status of that link or if the OP hadn’t been updated since it was only 1 chapter long. Game release date info (that I read) isn’t convenient for me with my immediate boredom. :sunglasses:


ahh, well cant really help you with boredom…well other than suggesting reading other wips



Might as well celebrate by sharing memes


Awesome! I’m definitely going to buy it!


I’m not even sure if I’ve ever posted on this but I have been creeping around for a while and I can’t wait to buy it :grinning:

I did put emphasis on “estimated” though just in case people brushed past that


Yay thats actually two days after im aloud to move to my own apartment


I’m excited =)


I’m in love absolutely Im very interested in a beta??


The beta was already finished. It is currently on queue to be published.


Game is already completed and submitted. Now we wait. Please look at @daydreamsincolor’s last post


Thank you to everyone for your kind words! :grin:

For anyone curious about Kol’s background, here’s a short from Tumblr

Read me

“I won’t be able to call often, Cara,” Kol said for the tenth time, looking over his bags.

His sister snapped something at him that he knew she wouldn’t say if Rosa were around, but he didn’t have the heart to call her out for it when she let out an unearthly wail. “I don’t want you to go to that place! All it does is take you away from us!”

Kol sighed. “I have to Carina, you know that. I need to learn to control my powers.”

“Don’t be silly, Nicolas! You could learn that from books or from another shifter!”

“Carina, I have to,” he said, as gently as possible.

Sometimes Kol had trouble remembering that Carina was only eleven, but that was not one of those times. She stomped her foot, then cried out again and fled from the room. Her bedroom door slammed moments later, and Kol decided to try his luck with his remaining siblings.

Mateo was in the yard with Roberto, each in the form of a fluttering, fiery-winged bird. They shifted back when they saw him, although Mateo’s nose remained vaguely beaklike.

Mateo rushed toward him and clutched Kol around his legs, and Roberto seemed to barely hold himself back from doing the same. “Promise you’ll be back soon?”

Kol rubbed the back of his neck. “I’ll do my best.”

“Promise you’ll be back soon,” Mateo insisted.

And Kol didn’t like to lie, but Mateo was looking up at him with so much hope in his eyes that he couldn’t help but nod. “Promise.”

“I love you both very, very much,” he said after a minute, extracting himself from Mateo’s grip. “Remind Carina that she has a biology project due Monday, and Roberto, don’t forget about your math homework—“

“I already did it.”

“Good.” And for a moment he found himself at a loss, because he was not used to goodbyes. “Make sure to listen to Rosa, and—“

“We know,” said Roberto. “Just be careful, okay?”

“I will.” Kol ruffled Mateo’s hair one last time, and hugged Roberto tightly. “Go inside, you two. I made dinner earlier, you’ll just have to heat it up. There should be enough to last the week.”

The boys nodded, and they had so much faith in him and trusted him so implicitly that they didn’t look back.

His ride pulled up to the curb, and Kol greeted him with a nod. They didn’t say anything for a few minutes as they loaded his bags into the trunk and then when the road flew beneath them, until Kol looked back. “They’ll be safe, you’re certain?”

“Yes. I promise.”

Kol hoped his driver’s promise had more weight to it than his own.


" From most to least: Astrid = Leon > Cyrus > Seraphina > Altair > Katia > Kol > Yakov > Thalia > Cressida"

Interesting to note how protective Cy seems to be here. Though he’ll probably never, ever openly admit to it, eh?

" ** asked: Can you rank the ROs best to worst when it comes to singing? :heart:**

Thalia > Altair > Katia > Cressida > Cyrus > Astrid > Yakov > Leon > Seraphina > Kol"

Hmmm…always knew Alty had the voice of a seductive little demon incubus. Only the actual Siren can compete it seems.

Ro's & Food

Anonymous asked: Hey, I discovered your game 2 weeks ago at the forum and I just wanna thank you for putting up a demo! I have 2 questions. Does the MC always lose in the simulation and can you tell me what the ROs favourite sweets are? :slight_smile:

Of course, I’m glad you liked it!

MC always loses in the simulation. As for favorite sweets…

Altair - Phoenix marshmallows

Astrid - Chocolate dragon eggs

Cressida - Sun blossoms

Cyrus - Chocolate chip cookies

Katia - Brownies

Kol - Sugar stars

Leon - Chocolate dragon eggs

Seraphina - Dark chocolate

Thalia - Chocolate fireball truffles

Yakov - Sugar cookies

Thanks for asking!

This is interesting I really thought Cy’s favourite were those chocolate fireball truffles, but apparently, it’s an ordinary human food. Then again I suppose of all the ro’s he’s probably best able to navigate the non-magical human world.

Gen Z kids

Anonymous asked: So they’re Gen Z kids? Interesting, what do they think about memes?

Characters that have a meme group chat together: Altair, Astrid, Cyrus, Katia, and Thalia

Okay, now I actually really want to see the kind of American Chopper memes, or whatever magi tv-show is closest to it Alty and Cy get up to making. :rofl:

Ro Fears

This is a more personal question and maybe it’s too spoilery… What are the ROs’ worst fears?

Altair, Astrid: control magic

Cressida, Leon, Seraphina: failure

Cyrus: celestial magic

Katia: forgetting

Kol and Yakov have the same fear, which would be too spoilery to mention. Thalia has a different one, but it would also contain spoilers.

Thanks for asking!

Okay, I knew I liked Cy! My main, Nephilim mc very much shares that fear, while he has a great many issues with control magic, particularly if the new prologue is still in and going to have some of the impacts I perhaps fear on the overall tone of the story, he is actually scared of Celestial magic. Which is why he is not going to be a Keeper if it means only using Celestial magic all of the time. Particularly with the new prologue my mc might have just become much less enthusiastic about the whole magi thing anyway, which would drop his interest in becoming a keeper to sub zero levels. :unamused: For “witch-boy” the joke’s on them as he cannot use Celestial magic in any case. Still if witch-boy can be a Keeper too, that would seem to indicate the using of Celestial and only Celestial magic all of the friggin time is more a a twisted tradition of the (political and social) position of being a Keeper, rather than some intrinsic requirement. If that’s true my main mc will certainly try to break with the tradition too. Particularly since he doesn’t care very much, or perhaps at all with consequences of the new start about being a supposed Keeper.


oh my god you included all of my asks :eyes:

anyone else here that goes anon to hide the fact that you’re desperate?


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