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This one of yours too?


Anonymous asked: I’m late to the party but how does the parents of the ROs feel about MC (especially if they’re dating?)

Altair and Astrid’s mom loves most MCs, their dad is a bit more wary.

Cressida and Cyrus’ dad doesn’t care for MC.

Leon’s dad is fine with MC.

Thalia’s mom is indifferent toward MC.

Yakov’s parents would like most MCs.

Thanks for asking!

Yeah, I think my mc really doesn’t get the animosity between Leon and his dad, because Leon’s dad sounds like one of the few (along with Yakov’s parents, but neither of my mc’s really puts much effort into interacting with Yakov and he’s not our roommate either) of the parents who might make for a (superficially) pleasant acquaintance who treats the mc both as an adult and more or less for what we are without too much fuss.

Honestly, along with Leon’s dad not being a deadbeat and a good provider and not (to any obvious degree) emotionally abusive (poor, poor Cy) he really seems pretty great to my mc.
Now that my mc knows who his supposed poor excuse of a deadbeat, coward “father” really is, I hope we get the chance to tell Leon that in either one of the sequels at some point.
Because for whatever petty issues they might have, my mc really, really hates his own deadbeat dad, whereas Leon’s actually seems to care about him and quite obviously Leon wants for nothing. Particularly in light of the events of the much worse new opening.

Of course my other mc, Witch-boy does think his late mother was also a manipulative she-witch who also didn’t care enough about him or his dad to actually put them into her will. However it is much harder to truly hate a dead woman. So that is more of a case of mere dislike. What is true is that neither of my mc’s considers any paternal or maternal “relatives” they might have “family” in sense of the word.


Can anyone tell me what does Cyrus look like ?


Kol is the absolute cutest! :hugs: Even if he can’t sing… :sweat_smile:

But how do Kol’s siblings feel? :confused:


For such case, my MC absolutely enjoy the best drama of them all, because my parents are hunters , and i am having a love relationship with Astrid the demon girl…
So in my parents mind " A demon girl who kidnap our son ? And later seduced him? No…no… it is hunting time for us again and we want our son back " …


Err… why am I always dying in the training? Every option leading to game over.


Only the old demo available that how it ends


Ohh… hahaha…lol… I was like “What the hell is going on? What is wrong with this game?”


The training simulation is only a process of identifying our origin… it was design to have us losing with a high preset level…

If we win even without fluent in our new power, that will be unrealistic.


I feel like I’m having a heart attack, but y e s. I began thinking about that question ever since I talked with two friends of mine in a private PM thread where we discuss other games, characters and MCs. They’re my source of inspiration for silly questions like these.

We don’t know what’s beneath the surface. Maybe the sequel will go in depth about it if you choose Leon’s route, but I don’t think the author wants to dwell on every single character’s backstory. I do think that hate for a parent can evolve from small, insignificant things. I’m pretty sure that Leon’s dad is pretty powerful and influential, which means he has responsibilities, which means he has to work, which means less time for quality time™ with his son. Maybe Leon felt like he didn’t get as much attention from his dad.

This just makes me look forward to the sequel :eyes:


Liar! Alty is, or maybe Cy (if the possibly cascading events of the new prologue turn out to have the impact I fear on his storyline later in the game and still turn Alty into an insensitive jerk at the stupid party now. :fearful: ).

Unlike some of the parents, they at least don’t have the wealth and connections to make your life even more miserable if they don’t like you.
Still, I’d be curious about the off-screen siblings of all the RO’s too, though much more than with the parents I think whether they like your mc or not might depend more on their actual personality.
As for the siblings we know, my mc and Astrid eventually managed to get along splendidly, but that was with the old opening, with the new one it might that much harder to let go of a grudge against her.
Neither of my mc’s like Cressy, though for slightly different reasons. She has more personal friction with my Nephilim mc, but with Witch-boy it’s rather obvious she doesn’t think a mere magician is “good-enough” to date someone from her family or social class.

Poor little rich boy Leon. Unlike with Cy’s dad I’m not seeing anything beyond the petty here and with that dinner and later the Gala it seems pretty obvious Leon’s dad actually cares about his kid. It’s true they might both go about expressing it very poorly, but that’s still in the realm of the petty, compared to Cy and Cressy or both possible magical parents of the mc.

I mean just about everything you say about Leon’s dad seems to fit for the mc’s possible magical father, except that guy, unlike Leon’s dad, doesn’t care about the mc at all…until the whole stupid keeper revelation. And he seems to be a wealthy and possibly powerful businessman, so he has no excuse for having been a deadbeat all these years. Magical mom is possibly even more shady as she might have viewed both the mc and their human father as nothing more than pawns in her schemes. So with the new opening that leaves my witch-boy wondering if it would truly have been any better to be mom’s little pawn, as opposed to being Patil’s pathetic little charity case (and pawn). Of course, both possibly magical mc parents were part of a shady conspiracy to start with. :unamused:

Oh, one final thing I really hope this one is getting a Steam release, or else I can’t play it. :crying_cat_face:


Why. Do you get some sick kick out of tearing out peoples hearts


He’s more of a show not tell person. From a Tumblr short posted a while ago

Cyrus angst

“I don’t know what to do anymore,” you confess, quietly, as if the louder they’re spoken the truer the words will ring.

“You don’t have to,” he says, with more tenderness than you would have thought him capable.

“Yes, I do,” you say shakily. You try to steady your breathing, to match it to his. “They’re—they’re all expecting me to—“

“Screw what they’re expecting you to do.” He says it harshly, but it’s as good as a declaration of love.

You give a pale attempt at laughter. “You know I can’t do that. They’ll never let me.”

“Say the word.”


He speaks very clearly then, despite how quiet his tone is. “Say the word and I’ll take you away from here and you won’t have to deal with what they think.”

“They’d kill you for that.”

You can see your gaze reflected back in his dark eyes—does he recognize the love and pity both?

There’s no humor to his laugh. It rings even hollower than your own. “They’ll kill me anyway. The same way they’ve killed the rest of my family.”

Leon’s dad is distant but he tries to be a good father. He threw himself into his work when Leon’s sister and mother died to try and cope, and Leon never really forgave him for that. They both do care about each other though, even if they have difficulty communicating it.

As for MC’s mom: Roxana was never really meant to have children. She saw MC as more of a doll to play with and then put away than as a child.

From his in game description: "A guy with dark skin and a sleek leather jacket, who looks as if this is the last place he wants to be”

MC will have the chance to meet Kol’s siblings in the sequel! Their feelings depend on MC’s personality/actions, but Carina is predisposed to not like MC because of the circumstances of their meeting.



In conclusion:

Leon got some mad daddy issues

Oh no, is she gonna blame us for that incident?

Friendly reminder that author may or may not have said that one (or more) of the ROs could die in the sequel

and it better not be the best boy because I’m gonna riot

Sounds like a classic case of baby fever

Didn’t leon’s dad have a girlfriend or something? The way he treated her so coldly and refused to let her into his life might be an indication that he has a hard time letting go of his dead mother.


Awww…Cy :hugs: Nobody, and I mean nobody is going to kill Cy on the watch of either of my mc’s. :persevere:

Only proves my mc right. Again now that my mc actually knows his pathetic excuse for a “father” (which stings even more with the new, worse opening) my mc would just like to call out Leon’s bellyaching at some point. Since, heck he just has to look to Cy and now my mc to see people with really crappy excuses for fathers around him.

Again proves my witch-boy mc right. He’s a bit mellower than my main mc and it is difficult to truly hate a dead woman, but particularly if he and his father struggled the same as I imagine my main mc and his mom did during our mundane financial crisis he’d still be pretty pissed at her for leaving him and/or his father with exactly nothing.

My main mc really hates his “dad” though, now that he knows who the deadbeat even is and that the guy is apparently wealthy and was alive the entire time.
Basically, this is what his “dad” and any paternal relatives are going to end up with if they try to contact my mc at this stage:

Apologies for not using the original Elvis version, but Youtube is having one of its “this content is blocked from viewing in your country” fits. :unamused:

Yep, I think you’re right. She seemed a rather decent sort too. Basically, Leon has the kind of minor problems my mc would love to have. So he might still at some point get frustrated with Leon’s attitude.


What does Yakov look like again?


That’s “could”, right? :worried: Not “will”? :fearful: Because I don’t deal well with dead boyfriends… :sob:


Time reverse and save them… or necronomicon?


The author after reading our desperate pleads:


Hey @TSSL maybe we really should cooperate in creating “Choice of the dead boyfriends” specially for Parrotwatcher. :smiling_imp:

So what would it be Parrotwatcher, the Vampire, Zombie, Mummy or the Ghost? All potentially “dead” boyfriends. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, this is a magical college game and necromancy would probably be something my second mc might well be interested in.


Well get the words right or else your a goody two shoes.