Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



So the others were just jesting, fair enough.


Kol was responsible for the cooking, Seraphina the enchanting :wink:

Siren, singular. (But no, there aren’t any mermaids.)

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Oh, and for anyone who didn’t see the Tumblr post, and is curious about how Astrid came to meet MC in the first place, see below the cut!

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“Go to a human town, they said,” she hissed. “It’ll be fun, they said.”

If Cressida hadn’t ditched her, she wouldn’t have had to walk ten miles. In stilettos. At midnight. In the rain.

The human town had been a waste of time, and now Altair wouldn’t answer his phone, and there was no way her pride would let her ask Cyrus Monroe for a ride.

She glared at the sky until the clouds parted, the first good thing to happen that night.

This was what she got for trying to be normal again. Hadn’t everyone been hounding her about that all summer? Her family could hardly look at her, and Cressida was always apprehensive, and the only one who would treat her normally was Cyrus, of all people—and even he was wary if the topic ever came to freshman year at Solanaceae.

She had always been good at pretending, had decided to forget Reyna Moreno and the hell she wrought the minute she’d woken up in the hospital with Altair stony-faced at her bedside.

Her parents had debated the merits of suing Reyna, Davina, the school, anyone, but her memories were a blur, and there was no other evidence, and even her father’s lawyers were at a loss of how to press charges on that, especially when she’d insisted against it.

At least the tabloids hadn’t picked up the real story.

The only one who knew the truth, she supposed, was Reyna. And Reyna had always liked having all the aces up her sleeve.

The few who knew more than what the gossip magazines wrote had taken to walking on eggshells around her, so she’d been surprised when Cressida suggested a girls’ night a few days before the start of the semester. A fresh start, she’d called it.

As it was, Cressy was an idiot afraid of commitment, and her ankles were going to be drenched in blood by the end of the night.

It was an hour into her unplanned trip that Astrid saw a flash of light on the road, blinding white, and it was only a minute after that she decided to hell with it and kept walking toward it. It was probably just some idiot nephilim kid fooling around, and she had not walked an hour in stilettos just to turn around because of some flashy magic.

And then five minutes after that she started running, because it wasn’t a nephilim, it was a gorgon.

And its prey was still alive.


Oh I like this!


Am I really supposed to die in the simulation training? Or I’m just that bad in the game :joy:. I’ve played through 3 times so far and died in all of them :face_with_head_bandage:


Yep, that’s supposed to happen.


Nope, even after all this time I still want to stake Astrid at the earliest convenience.


So Thalia is the only siren there? What makes her an exception? :eyes:


Now this is an interesting little tidbit. This fresh look into the characters mindset is wonderful. I will have to check the tumbler for any similar pieces. I don’t suppose there is a piece that shows a perspective of one of the ROs where we turn out human?


You can ask the author about it on the blog. Sounds interesting, though. I wonder if speciesism(?) is a norm in the magi world. Is it an issue that’s on the same level as racism? Are there equal rights activists in New Magi?


I did. I asked her to choose the character based on which would be the most Eccentric.


MC always dies in the simulation—that just happens to be where the demo ends!

Sirens tend to be more removed from civilization than other magi. There’s also a tendency for sirens to be rogues. Thalia left her family and came to NMC, and is thus the only siren at MA.

Yes. This will be more discussed in the sequel in-game, especially looking at human-supernatural relations.


I didn’t even know there was going to be a sequel at all, guess I wasn’t paying attention, but that’s great news, the more of this setting the better. I’m a sucker for magic schools as settings as this one in particular is amazing for me.


We officially have an estimated release date—January 17th! Thank you so much to everyone for sticking with this project!


Awesome I can not wait!




Yoda leave the living force users alone no more lightning bolts…
I’ll be happy when this is on sale.


Excited for this! Looking forward to the full game.


Yes can’t wait


After 4579 posts… is it safe to guess that the demo is now longer than 1 chapter?