Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



To which my MC will reply “yes”.:smirk:


A mood.

I will never ever reject kitty-cat Leon.


Which is odd because in the new version the mc is far less of a “catch” then they used to be. :confused:
So beware, the mc is probably only one of the very many notches on kitty cat’s belt in the new version.


I didn’t play the old demo, but what do you mean by “less of a catch?”


@idonotlikeusernames means that the other ROs didn’t come up to you say “Hey, I like you, would you like to go on a date?” That’s almost what Astrid did in the old demo and, to a certain extent, Thalia. Of course you still had to build a rapport with most of them before entering a relationship.


We haven’t really gotten past the simulation part though?


That and certain changes to how the mc enters the magical world compared to the old situation…


Please note I said old demo. Please also note I’ve yet to play the new demo. Much as I appreciate @daydreamsincolor putting the new demo out here, considering the game is coming out early next year and the beginning chapter is more or less the same, as well as based from what I’ve read here, I’ll be holding back till it’s released to play.


Oh okay, I remember playing the old demo and Astrid doesn’t ask you out until the middle of the demo when you share a class with her.


Fair enough, but I always felt that Astrid’s reaction was more about her stuff than the MC anyway.

First she and the MC survived a near death experience together. There’s a reason why scary movies are practically cliche for dates- fear gets the adrenaline and other brain altering chemicals brewing and then that can lead to someone associating those heightened responses to the person they are with.

Possibly repeated in the holodeck exercise. Sure Astrid knew the fake harpies wouldn’t kill her, but I imagine she was afraid of the pain.

So fighting off a Gorgon and holographic harpies together would make the MC cuter to Astrid.

And then with her social situation it would make sense that she would feel isolated, which would only further make her more likely to glom onto someone.


Okay I’ll just come out and say it in the new demo the mc is far less of a catch and much more of a damsel in distress exactly because the mc no longer has a hand in fighting off the Gorgon at all. @MIGSey in many respects the changes made to the opening are the most profound and far-reaching as they impact all of the relationship dynamics that come after, and if you ask me in that regard our mc’s are far worse off, seemingly to the point where they’d have no business whatsoever gallivanting at a prestigious institution with the magical elite, compared to the old situation.


I agree with what you said , In addition Astrid was also running away from her old friends who tend to continue haunting her , that’s one of the reason she always wander around alone ( which was in one of the conversation with her brother ) , meeting MC who somehow drawn into her life… or rather she was drawn into MC’s life actually , of course make Astrid longing to make friend with a better person :slight_smile:


I mean, that’s a likely reason why, you would most likely bond with someone during a near death experience (I could be wrong though) and I suppose her social situation at the time. Still, I would argue there are plenty fish in the sea, aside from us. Plus, she went all out of her way to please us, instead of trying to hit on the others, barring two obvious people.

@idonotlikeusernames, huh that does put your MC at a disadvantage, but, as a gamer first and foremost, I look forward of the challenge of changing people’s perceptions yet again…or die a fiery death, which ever comes first.


I don’t think Astrid ever hit on anybody?


Just played the demo. Very intriguing and I am glad this is finished and submitted to Hosted Games, I am excited to play it! After seeing the new Fantastic Beasts movie I was wondering why there are so few magic school stories out so far :joy:


Refer to my previous sentences before the one you quoted, I meant she had other options aside from us, but she just so happened to focus on us.
(Fixed my last post so it’d make sense).

Even still, she might have another crush it would appear based on the fortune teller


Damn sorry, it’s late and I’m half dead at the moment.
Also who were the two obvious people.


For simplicity sake, I’d just say Leon and Seraphina, based on interactions in the old demo. I know there are others she may try to avoid, but those were the two that jumped in my mind instantly.


Astrid and Seraphina are enemy the moment they met, they almost kill each other, plus their personality are so much different … this had been shown in the old demo

Leon is a Nephilim , another rival faction of Cambion… they initially hate each other as well when they met… Astrid didn’t know MC could be a Nephilim too, but even though the MC was reveal as a Nephilim later on , the MC and her already had a good relationship (for my route) , hence in one conversation i ask her whether it is alright for me to be Nephilim , Astrid said it is alright but the scene show that she tried hard to refer me as her friend rather than Nephilim

another thing i must add is that Astrid join Magi with a “bad” and troubled reputation due to her past involvement with her ex friends , basically most students there seem not too friendly with her … hence the reason she was looking for friend who doesn’t know her past … which is why she thought MC will be a fresh start for her :slight_smile:


No there’s no crush on anyone else, from the Tumblr the fortune teller is talking about what made her transfer from the other school. Astrid has difficulty opening up about it.