Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



yep there was. aw man i was so curious what kind of supernatural i am! guess i’ll just have to wait then :sweat_smile:



you didn’t play the earlier Demo ?? Well i think the type of supernatural is depend on your choice of action, if you choose magic you will be elemental, nephalim, demon etc, if you choose punch and kick without magic, you could be a human hunter … i was a Nephilim back then …so my MC a Nephilim was in love with Astrid, a demon , how ironic …Lol :slight_smile:


No, I wasn’t able to. The previous demo was already down when I saw this thread.

So, what type of supernatural am I if I tried to die on purpose in the simulation??


Die on purpose? You meant not doing anything at all ? I suppose you could be a human hunter if you don’t demonstrate any fighting ability… choice of “stay back” is magic… punch and kick could be dragon or hunter … but i always play as Mage , so i could be wrong… later you will have further choice of magic to determine your origin if you choose “stay back” , there are many different type of power too and different parents background as well… … hence lots of replay value

@daydreamsincolor mention this is only Book 1, he plan to have 2 more Books … if he doesn’t change his mind :slight_smile:


It’s not decided just by the simulation, but you could be just a regular human. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In case you’re not sure, the other options are nephilim (part human, part angel), cambion (part human, part demon), dragonborn (part human, part dragon; this may have had a name change, but I forget), kitsune (Japanese fox spirit), and elemental. You will always be able to play as an elemental and (I think) one of nephilim and cambion, but the others all have special requirements. If you play as a human, you will have the option to either learn magic, or not. And being a magicless human in a world of magic is fun. :grin:


@Eric_knight ah I see… so what is a human hunter exactly? one who hunts humans??

@ParrotWatcher I could decide what kind of supernatural I am? And I could be just a regular human? It sure is fun being human who can’t do magic in a world where monsters would try to kill you lol. But how would that explain Agent Conti not being able to compel me?


Lol… Human Hunters are like the vampire slayers or those hunters in supernatural tv series…
Hunters are those who hunt and kill supernaturals in most stories :slight_smile: and they are humans mostly, except for Blade the vampire who hunt vampires

So the MC parents could be hunters, so you can imagine how they will feel and want to kill Astrid for kidnaping my MC away :wink:

As for Conti not able to compel MC, it is a BIG spoiler… give you a hint, answer is in game title :wink:


@Meira_Litch @Sleepyowl
Thank you for your support!

@Marceline_Reyes @Eric_knight
MC can choose to be human in Chapter 2 if they don’t pick the “try to use magic” option in the simulation.
Otherwise, they have to wait until Chapter 4 to find out their species; either cambion, nephilim, drakaina, elemental, or kitsune. Human MCs can also decide to become magicians here.


uhh this is probably a stupid question but can I still choose to be not human even if I don’t pick the “try to use magic” option?

Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to this game!


From what I remember the species available to you were dependent on stats.
You had to actively resist and never use magic to be human. And from there you could be a magician or hunter.


Yes. (As of the last publicly available demo, at least.)


Yeah, punching, dodging or not doing anything, that all works


Sorry, I probably wasn’t very clear earlier but what I meant is can I still be a cambion or nephilim, etc. even if I don’t use magic in the simulation in the first chapter?


I believe you can, but it’s been a while… XD

There should be other opportunities for magic later on, before the species reveal.

And I think not using magic doesn’t prevent you from being not-human. But using magic does prevent you from being human.


Ohh ok now I get it! Thank you! :smile:

And thank you also to everyone else who answered!


You can always restart if you find out you are only human in the end :-):stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah that’s how I would do it but it’s better to know beforehand! :grin:


Hmm. I am a bit frustrated it’s been pushed back, particularly since none of the ones they are releasing this month fit my tastes. I am very much enjoying giving Astrid a hard time after such a long time without the demo.


I need a time machine because i know I can’t wait till 2019


I can’t even wait for the author to answer asks on their tumblr blog. I’m so hyped and everytime it’s an answer to a question about the ROs I’m so overjoyed. My favorite hobbies are anticipating answers from Daydreams 24/7 and attacking the ask box every minute.