Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)






Oh my God, YES. Looking forward to 2019.

Can’t wait to meet best boy Leon again.

Lots of support and love to the author, good luck!


I thought it was pushed back to 2019. I was surprised to see it off the upcoming list when I first saw it gone. I’m glad it’s supposedly coming in early 2019.


That would be a hell of a good way to start new year


I actually discovered & played this game when it was New Year. I was sick and couldn’t tag along with the family to see the fireworks so I stayed home and played KotSaM instead :sweat_smile:


When it says “The last thing I see is…” in the demo is that my mc dying or the end of the demo?


End of demo. Can’t die before we meet best boy Leon :upside_down_face:


Thank you all for your support! :grin:

I’m glad!

Yep, it’s the end of the demo. MC still has to make it through freshman year.

Thank you!

(If you’re looking for Leon content specifically, I’ve responded to several asks about him recently on Tumblr. I’m also always willing to take questions/requests about him or the other characters!)


Fell in love with the game when I played it. It was one of the few games I first played when joining the forum. It brings back a lot of memories and I’m definitely ready to throw my money at you.

I’ve been meaning to ask if you could accept anonymous asks? Some people at the forum don’t have a tumblr account and maybe it’d be a lot easier and faster for your fans to ask you something.


I’m looking forward to this release!


Agh that’s my bad, I thought they were enabled. It should be working now. Thanks for pointing that out!



I had a lot of fun playing it.


This just made my day. I remember this was one of the first contacts I had with CoG, and I didn’t know anything about WIP’s and stuff, and I was so confused when I reached the end of the demo haha.

I’m so glad this is getting published so soon! Can’t wait to throw my money at you :smiley:


Same here. I had NO idea how the released games were made. And when I first saw this I was so confused. In all seriousness, this was one of the WIPs that made me decide to make an account on this forum. I wasn’t even aware that COG had a forum.


Hey there, DontJudge, welcome to the forums. As eager as you may be to buy this wonderful game, it is against the forum’s guidelines to ask about any updates or release dates. Most of the time the author doesn’t know - and since there are a lot of factors that go into when a game will be released it may take a bit.

Feel free to visit the Forum Guidelines page to find out what COG’s policies are in regards to the forums. :smiley:


Ahahaha… I just realise how much i miss Astrid :-):grin:

Nice to know that we will be together again :-):hugs:


Loved the changes in the new first chapter, this is all so exciting, I’ve been looking forward to this for ages, it’s been on my must buy list ever since I first played it. Good to know it’ll be coming out in a few months and I can sink my teeth back into it. I hope I still remember how to do my perfect play through but it’ll be fun figuring it out anyway. Congratulations and good luck!


Is dying in the simulation the end of the demo?


There should be option of “play again” at end of Demo