Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



MC will always have the option to not be human.

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I’m restraining myself from drowning your ask box with Leon requests :sob:


Just realized I never posted a collection of in-game appearance descriptions for characters on this thread, so if it interests anyone, it’s below the cut.


Altair: “A guy who looks vaguely similar to Astrid, with the same severe eyes but dark hair instead of fair”
Astrid: “There’s a girl in either her late teens or early twenties kneeling at your side, blonde hair messy and mascara smudged around her eyes.“
Cressida: “A girl with curly dark hair and brown skin. Her brown eyes seem to bore into your soul, ferreting out your secrets”
Cyrus: “A guy with dark skin and a sleek leather jacket, who looks as if this is the last place he wants to be”
Katia: “Soft-featured and doe-eyed, with fawn skin and black hair that catches the sunlight”
Kol: “Brunet with light brown skin and a strained smile. His eyes are a distinctive, inky black.”
Leon: “Tan with light brown hair that shines gold in the light, and attractive features despite his cold eyes”
Seraphina: “A girl storms through the still ajar door, fiery red hair flying through the air…Her eyes are intense, fixing you in place”
Thalia: “A petite girl with sharp features like the edge of a knife and straight, black hair…She smiles; her teeth are sharp too”
Yakov: “He’s tall and fair-haired, with pale eyes that look like they’ve had all of the color sucked out of them.”

That moment when you always thought that Leon was blonde





I always imagined him as blonde until I reread his description carefully. I was reading a manga when the game was in beta and had more chapters and started imagining him looking like one of the characters

pic of the character

now that I look at it, that’s not really a light brown but :woman_shrugging:


Now I’m imagining him as blonde and I can’t stop imagining genos just less robotic and more charismatic looking



What about the third Nymph, Gysela or something?The defensive one with a thing for Katia.


Am I missing something? Every time I get to the simulation regardless of which options I choose I die. A little help here?


That’s how it’s supposed to happen.


Well that’s an awkward place for the demo to end for sure lol.


Maybe, but granted this is the official demo which on the site will likely follow up with a “buy to keep reading,” I don’t think it’s so awkward.


Judging by previous releases, the demo will probably contain a few more chapters once the game is out.


Always imagined leon as a pale kid with blind hair and blue/brown eyes. i have no idea why.


Always imagined him as tan with blonde hair. I’m so shocked, I-

I’m so shook


Wasn’t there a description of him when we first meet him? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There were, but then again, it’s been quite some time. And the “McDonald’s, McDonald’s!”-meme depicted him as blonde. Well, at least he looked blonde in the pic. :eyes:

But even if he’s not blonde I’m still gonna love him. He’s still best tsunboi.


Is it weird to say that even though he had a description, he just “sounded” or seems like a blonde character.


He did… He really did. The amount of people who thought that he was blonde amazes me. At least now I know that I’m not alone. Blonde was always right for him imo.


Gisela: “Sharp featured and svelte, with light brown skin and wavy, dark brown hair…her eyes are colorless, betraying nothing”

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Yes, the official demo will have more content. This is just a one chapter demo.

You can picture the characters any way you want—part of the beauty of a text-based game! I just thought to post the in-game descriptions after receiving a Tumblr ask for it.


Why does every 3 choices in the harpy simulation have the same out come of a harby go for my throat and make me feel like I just died and end all sudden after that? Is that suppose too be the end of the demo? I feel more like I just died and can’t progress that part. Feeling like it’s suppose to go that way instead of making me feel like I died and theres some way to get pass that part that I don’t know about?