Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)

romance sera e yakov are easy just talk to them when you can i made this with every character and personality and yeey cool the only thing that you must do to enter the romance route is choose the right answer at a specific momment and boom

MC will always gain a point for ritual magic and potions!

I’m not aware of any complete guide, sorry! For Ritual Magic, you have to heat the mirror and have a high ritual magic and potions stat to do the best.

Sera will be possible to romance in book two with any type of character, as will Yakov! In book one, both of them are too emotionally repressed to be romantically involved longer term with someone who doesn’t encourage them to express emotions. In book two, that’s changed a bit.

With that being said, MC doesn’t necessarily have to be happy go lucky to romance Sera in book one—there’s a complete guide here for romancing Sera that should work with many types of MCs! I hope that helps!

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I tried it, thanks. Looking forward for the next book.

How do you no pass out while fighting the manticore/hydra?

Apparently lightning is the most effective for the hydra, and fire for the manticore. In my nephilim and kitsune playthroughs (I dont know what species you played as) I picked the small starbursts. So I used them and my elemental ability, and I defeated it.

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I always use the forcefield.
If you have a high fire elemental manipulation, go into the forest to fight the manticore. Use your shield when it charges at you and then attack with fire.
If you have high ice/lightning (I actually always passed with ice for the hydra so I was shocked to see lightning was more effective— ice sucks with the manticore) go into the swamp to fight the hydra. Use elemental manip immediately and then, when a head is charging at you, use your shield.

Funnily enough ice is better than lightning against the manticore. The order goes like this:
Manticore: Fire > Ice > Lightning
Hydra: Lightning > Fire > Ice

@A_Z_U_I_A Overall, the best way to damage the hydra as much as possible without getting hurt is with high telekinetics, which does 40 of damage to the hydra and no damage to yourself. Telekinetics can be used in both rounds of the fight. Antimagic bullets do the same if you have a full clip, but they can only be used for one round.

To recap, here are the best options for successfully beating the hydra while dealing maximum damage:
Human/Magician: antimagic bullets and shield
Nonhuman with lightning : lightning and telekinesis
Nonhuman with fire or ice: telekinesis x2


Funnily enough :sweat_smile:

game is cool but I thoroughly suck at it, I don’t know how to even get enough stats to make a difference most of the time.

Yeah, game is heavily stat focused. But is there any specific stat check you want to pass?

Primarily i focused on elemental and willpower, or tried to. I feel like I only passed a few of the checks though, namely during class but failed all the real world ones that actually matter.

Really? Because elemental and willpower were the most helpful ones in my case. What species did you play as? Willpower will usually stop the MC from getting mind controlled. Elemental stats very a lot depending on what species you play as. Like lightning elemental stats is more useful when you battle the hydra. And celestial magic is more useful if you wanna stop the shadow dragon. And fire abilities are more useful against battling a manticore. It’s important to pick options that are related to your highest stats. And some of the elemental stats require a specific element..

I was a kitsune, trying to use illusion as much as possible. Elemental didn’t help much is duel tourny

Maybe I just dont know all the ways to max the the stat, I got 25 in elemental and 27 in willpower by the climax of the game.

How are you supposed to raise relationship with cressida to 60? Everytime I speak with her she keeps pushing her rude brother into the convo and relations go up with him instead.

These are the choices I made to raise my EM. I had EM = 40 by the end of the game, but only a Willpower of 22. I am also a kitsune

•Explore the school, go to library, read about EM (+1)
•Hell hound fight in Ch3, choose the “No[…]” option (+5)
•(1st day of EM in Ch4) EM= 10
•Focus in M&R at others’ expense
•By species selection: EM= 11
•During M&R final: Use EM against gnomes (+1), starburst + EM against hydra (EM= 15 by the end)
•Go to street fair, watch fire dancers w/ Yakov: EM= 17
•Study for finals, practice EM: EM= 20
•Attack w/ EM during EM final vs Leon: EM= 23
•Find Thalia, practice for singles duel: EM= 24
•When choosing classes, pick EM 2
*(I’m pretty sure you get a boost if you choose to train by yourself or with Cyrus before the tournament starts. Havent confirmed it though)
•During the tournament, use EM for every round: EM= 27
•Use EM against Shadow Dragon: EM= 30
•(1st day of EM 2) Elemetal fluctuation is due to differences between elements: EM= 34
•Work on physical magic: EM= 35
•Attack Reyna + co. at the museum: EM= 36
•Reyna fight: Choose EM for every option, with +1 boost each for a total of EM=40

*The highest stat check occurs when Reyna sends a blast of fire at you and you have the choice to redirect it. You need EM >= 35 to do so successfully

*Willpower is most useful if you are human or nephilim (and want some variation with the species scene) or you choose to spare Reyna. Otherwise you can get through the game without a high score in it. Imo intelligence is considerably more useful.

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If you play as a Nephilim and choose her as your tutor, you can get some approval. Playing as female and a friend of Astrid’s will give you an opportunity to gain approval when you all go shopping together. For general interactions, I think choosing the cunning dialogue option will gain you approval as well.

Somewhat ironically, my strongest playthrough was a human, despite the text and large degrees of the plot telling me otherwise. I don’t know how this compares to the stats of others, but I ended the game with high enough intelligence(21 or so) to get 95s or higher in all of my classes, 51 fighting, and 39 willpower. I don’t think I ever failed a stat check. I did feel a bit worthless at times despite my stats, but that’s the price you pay for humanity I suppose.

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That makes a lot of sense, actually. If you use any kind of magic, then you have more stats to worry about. Playing as a normal human means you can focus in on fewer stats.


oh I think I figured it out, I think everyone is just supposed to be better than you for the most part.

Apparently MC cant win the tournament no matter what their stats were.

Oh. I had around 30 in elemental, my willpower was pretty low, always around 10

Agreed. I got all 100% marks on the exams when I played as a human. It was also easier to raise my stats, I even raised some to 45. I think it’s because human!MC doesn’t need to keep track of a lot of stats. But I did fail more stat checks though :sweat_smile: