Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)


Found a couple things

Both lines are missing quotation marks at the end.

Feels like I’m missing a paragraph here.

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Found a text repetition error.

“Katia and Gisela are supposed to be here soon,” she says, sitting down on the couch. Briseis crawls into her lap. “Katia and Gisela are supposed to be here soon,” she says, sitting down on the couch. Briseis crawls into her lap

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Yep, apart from just being a first year student there’s also the fact that even with only dangerous junkie addict magic at our disposal, which is supposed to be stronger than normal magic. The mc probably simply isn’t that good at magic. :unamused:

Hm, really? Because the MC is actually skilled at magic for someone who has only discovered their magical abilities a few months ago. Also not to mention the fact they beat a hydra/manticore, Leon (someone who’s been honing their magic ability for years), and a shadow dragon. Well, actually that depends on each individual player’s stats. So if you failed more stat checks then it might’ve affected the way you see your MC. In my opinion it was difficult to pass stat checks as a human MC :slightly_frowning_face: But my academic performance sky-rocketed though. So i guess each species has its own perks!


Huh, my magician mc actually had an easier time of it than my main mc, as magician mc is actually decent at physically fighting, meaning that unlike my main mc his physique wasn’t built entirely for show. With fighting and reasonable willpower, plus ritual magic and potions it was rather easy to pass most checks, except for the fact that ritual magic used to be bugged in the scene where Reyna kidnaps mc the first time around.

I will admit that I sometimes made some sub-optimal choices with my main mc for roleplaying reasons, such as trying to beat the Drake in the simulation with the monarda, same as my magician mc when my main one doesn’t actually have the additional 5-10 fighting stat needed to actually shove the plant down the drake’s throat, for example.
He did last all three rounds in the tournament solely with ice magic, but getting knocked out in 2 seconds flat in the fourth round was still a blow in more ways than one.
He’s also mind controlled like a chump by the creepy nephilim guy as his willpower only starts to increase near the end of part 1.
And finally he beats Leon by cheating, so all in all my main mc doesn’t think to highly of his supposed “powers” particularly not after he finds out they are supposed to be extra-powerful due to automatically being junkie-addict magic.

How did you pass the Shadow dragon with human!MC? I tried but it’s so difficult :frowning:

I kept her talking because my intelligence stat has always been high since it’s my favorite stats.

Wait, wait, you could cheat in the exam? How did you do it :eyes:

I forgot the mc who beats Leon by cheating is the one I’ve just recently made “Foxy” (to romance Dominic with later on) as human mc doesn’t need to do elemental manipulation and that exam. As Foxy you can cheat by using an illusion on Leon. :wink:
My main mc just beats Leon (barely) with ice powers, so that’s technically not cheating. Although I think it is expected that you use light manipulation as a Nephilim. :thinking:

My main mc does that too.

Huh, I don’t think that counts as cheating because illusions are legitimate abilities that kitsunes have. I always used my kitsune mc’s elemental abilities though because… fire powers are cool :sweat_smile: hmmm but I AM tempted to mess with leon’s mind

I used lightning and pretty much beat him, so that was fun :smile:

Intelligent MCs rise up!

Well that’s literally the only time we can actually talk ourselves out of trouble in the first game. My main mc is not much of a fighter by inclination, but, again, other than that bit talking to the enemies is mostly useless in the first game, no matter how intelligent or cunning your mc is. :unamused:

I really liked the intelligence stat because it added more content to the text. The MC becomes more observant and the reader gets additional information. Like when we got attacked by hellhounds, and intelligent!MC thought about why it happened and the reasons behind the attack. Also my MC finessed Sera in math so like, yeah, definitely a loveable stat lol.

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need 20 will to use compulsion to stop the shadow dragon.



Just a tiny grammar thingy

‘His eyes are strange…’

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Sorry for the double post, wasn’t sure if editing my previous comment would send any notifications


More catches

I got this when MC’s parents were Isabella & Lysander. Scene works fine with human!parents.

“Miss Conti”


Needs to be bolded

Reyna’s hellhounds

-Just a thought, but it might make sense to add hair texture and height options to this game instead of the sequel.
-Can you add an option to see MC’s nickname in the stat page? (the one they chose for themselves, not the one given by Thalia)

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Thanks for all of the catches! Your help here and with book two is greatly appreciated!!!

:+1: It’ll happen sometime before book two is released

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So Honest question but how dd I level up cunning and willpower also @daydreamsincolor not to sound rude or anything but how come they wasn’t any option for BOTH parents to mages,kitsune etc

You don’t sound rude at all! Having an option to have both parents be supernatural would have doubled the amount of family routes to write and MC wouldn’t be a newcomer to the supernatural world, which would further increase the amount of writing to be done and partially derail certain plot points.

Here’s a guide for cunning, and here’s one for willpower. Hope that helps!

Good news, everyone…Keeper is coming soon on Steam! Thank you so much to everyone for all of your support, this is all because of you!


@daydreamsincolor True the MC wouldn’t be a newcomer but IDK, the idea of two supernatural just moving away from magic, monsters etc and rising a kid just interest me also I have three more question

  1. How is the process of keeper of night and day going and do you have like an estimate when it would be complete

  2. Do you have any ideas for the name of the third and last book, I was thinking something like keeper of twilight and dawn given the duality in each title

  3. do you have any plans to add some more stuff in sun and moon in future updates

Aw, congrats!



YaY!!! :tada: :fireworks: :firecracker:

This game deserves it, and now CoG finally sees it too, which means they get my money twice…just this once I hope as I’m still not made of the stuff.

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Awesome! I can’t wait until this is on steam, wish listed already so I’ll know ASAP. I already bought it on the COG website but I don’t mind paying twice for one of my favourite games and it’s nice to have them all in one spot instead of having to scroll through the website whenever I want to play. The release on steam will give me another excuse to play this to death. Still trying to figure out my ideal play through for the sequel, so this will help out a lot. Congratulations by the way on the Steam release, this game definitely deserves it!

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