Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)

Keeper of Day and Night is about 30% written. The full first draft will likely be done early 2020, at which point private beta testing will run for a few weeks and then Day and Night will be submitted to HG. Day and Night will continue to be publicly updated as more content is added up until it’s about 75% complete.

I’ve had the title for the last book before the title for the second haha

Any additions will be minor—Sun and Moon is already over 300,000 words long. (Some of the stat checks at the end will become a little easier, for example, and chapter headers will be added.)

Thanks for asking!

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Thank you so much!


Loving the new update. Have only been thru one play through because I’m busy(and forgot to save just before new content) but I did the devina session and it is great.

Demanding a recount was totally in character for the MC I was playing. I’m looking forward to trying katia’s.

I think devina should say Reyna "Hates"Seriphina the most when I’m doing a captured Reyna alive ending, as apposed to Hated.


Me thinking that I could keep up a long-term relationship with Seraphina, pass my classes, and successfully spare Reyna.


Obv the most important


We are officially live on Steam! Play now!


Congratulations on getting KotSaM to steam! I know a lot of people have been excited for this! :heart: :smile:


I did and I still can’t romance Red … :crazy_face:


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There’s a complete Sera romance guide here. Hope that helps!


Replaying this at midnight and I spotted a few spelling errors here and there, I don’t know if it’s too late to point out anything since this game has been released for quite some time now :sweat_smile:


Go for it. It’s better to point them out now before the save system is implemented and Brynn is too busy editing the second book.


Please do!

I’ve just been putting in a couple of runs on Steam and I just wanted to ask, because I’ve tried a couple of times with different stats and options, has anyone gotten the We Are the Champions achievement? The description says you get for easily winning the final battle but I can’t figure it out. I’ve tried a combustion potion and a paralysis rune and they don’t seem to do much. If you did manage it, can you describe how? Thanks in advance!

If you’re still having trouble here you go.


Don’t save Kol and have any of these stats

1st Round
(fighting >= 30) and choose the punch option
(fighting >= 15) if human you can use your gun
(fighting >= 10) if you have a combustion potion
(willpower >= 30) illusion manipulation for Kitsune
(elemental >= 30)
(telekinesis >= 20)
(ritualpotions >= 20) if your a magician or if you have MorphMetal
DON’T CHOOSE #Don’t do this, Reyna. (it will drop your health regardless of your willpower stat)

2nd Round
Run or fly out of the way
Create a shield of ice
Redirect the fire if elemental >= 35
Use your energy shield and have fighting and intelligence >=15

3rd Round
Have any of these stats

elemental >= 25 or >= 15
fighting >= 15 or >= 10 if you are human and use your gun
fighting >= 30
willpower >= 20 or >= 10
willpower >= 10 or < 10 if you are a cambion


Thanks so much! I was always saving Kol so whatever stats I had wouldn’t have helped at all. I’ll try this later just to see how badass I can be. Thanks again!

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Same! Are you telling me I have to leave Kol to get that achievement? :sweat: Feels like betrayal… Sorry Kol, but I need to unlock ‘em all…

It does feel like a betrayal, so much that I haven’t worked up the will to try it yet. How much do I need this achievement? :thinking: I’ll just comfort myself with knowing I won’t import a save to the sequel with him left behind.

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quietly drops a picture of my mc for the games and runs



His name is Morgan and his personality is basically a mix of the “this is fine” and “thanks I hate it” meme. He’s also desperately trying to be a good boyfriend to Yakov who ain’t having it.


This might sound like a silly question, but does anyone know how you’re supposed to pronounce Seraphina? I kind of alternate between calling her Serafeena like in meaner or Serapfina like in miner. I should stick with one, but I can’t really pick.

Generally the name is pronounced rhyming with “meaner”.

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This way I believe

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