Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)

Can someone give me a detailed guide on how to romance Cyrus? I am literally unable to get him

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Hey I was wondering if anyone can point me to where i can see te powers of eah species

Every species in the book or every species the MC can be? If the latter, you can read about the species’ abilities when you get to choose what species/magi you are.


  • Control magic


  • Control magic
  • Ritual magic


  • Fire/Ice/Lightning elemental manipulation
  • Telekinesis
  • Control magic
  • Ritual magic


  • Fire/ice/lightning elemental manipulation
  • Darkness elemental manipulation
  • Shifting (wings)
  • Telekinesis
  • Control magic
  • Ritual magic


  • Fire/ice/lightning elemental manipulation
  • Light elemental manipulation
  • Shifting (wings)
  • Telekinesis
  • Control magic
  • Ritual magic


  • Fire/ice/lighting elemental manipulation
  • Shifting (wings, fangs, and claws)
  • Telekinesis
  • Control magic
  • Ritual magic


  • Fire elemental manipulation
  • Illusion manipulation
  • Shifting (fangs and claws)
  • Telekinesis
  • Control magic
  • Ritual magic

(Edited to show that almost everyone can do Ritual magic, not just the magician)


I made spreadsheets of the guides I made for anyone who wants to look at it.


Thank you! I’m still trying to get that town hall achievement so this will be helpful


I love this game it so good, I have played it multiple times romancing all the girls. However this game makes me really mad because no matter how many times I have tried I still haven’t been given the option to romance Seraphina and I really wanna know why.

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Huh, really? I never had any difficulty romancing Sera. Have you tried picking the more “silly” or “funny” options?

There’s a more detailed guide from the blog, so no worries!


Seraphina Romance Guide

Seraphina starts out with 50 relationship points. To become your RO, Seraphina needs at least 60 relationship points by the conversation with her in Chapter 5.

Seraphina starts out with 25 emotion points. To not breakup in Chapter 11, Seraphina needs at least 40 emotion points.

Below I’ve listed relationship/emotion boosting choices.

Chapter 3, general

  • “Oh, fuck it all! Can’t I go one fucking day without something trying to kill me?” (emotions +3)
  • “Is this something that people normally do?” Seraphina says abruptly. (emotions +1)
  • Talk to Seraphina at dinner (relationship +2)
  • If intelligence >= 15 when the hellhounds attack, relationship +2

Chapter 3, when talking to Seraphina, Katia, Gisela, and Thalia during the party

  • “Loyalty.” (relationship +3)
  • “…Painful. I still have the marks to prove it. And the possible concussion.” OR “It was so awesome! Astrid was using her powers on it, but then she, like, passed out, which wasn’t as fun.” (relationship +2)
  • “…I have no idea what a duelist tournament is.” (relationship +2)
  • “How long have you had her for?” (emotions +1, relationship +2)

Chapter 4, when talking to Seraphina and Yakov during lunch

  • +5 relationship automatically; if human and not a magician, -3 relationship automatically
  • If human: “Thank you for your concern, Seraphina.” (relationship +3, emotions +5)
  • If magician: “Would you be able to help me out, then? You seem like you must be good at ritual magic.” (relationship +3, emotions +1)
  • If kitsune: “Would you be willing to help me at all with that?” (relationship +3, emotions +1)
  • If fire or ice elemental: “Come on, Yakov, let’s be positive. I have just been endowed with the enormous power of perfect room temperature creation.” (emotions +1)
  • If lightning elemental: “Come on, Yakov, let’s be positive. I have just been endowed with the enormous power of awesome reception.” (emotions +1)
  • If cambion: “Yeah, you’re right.” (relationship +3)
  • If nephilim: “Can you give me any advice about using magic as a nephilim?” (relationship +2, emotions +1)
  • If drakaina: “Can’t I just be an awesome dragon person?” (emotions +1)

Chapter 5, general

  • If intelligence > 15, +1 relationship automatically
  • DON’T become a hunter, or lose the fight against the manticore/hydra
  • “Attempt to intervene and rein them in.” (relationship +2)
  • “We have to do something about this.” (emotions +1)

Chapter 5, REQUIRED TO CHOOSE “Go help Seraphina with her spell ingredient preparations.”

  • “I like you, Seraphina. I thought we could get to know each other better.” (emotions +5, relationship +2)
  • “Are you considering your romantic options at the moment?” (relationship -2, emotions +1)

From here on out, only emotion points matter for Seraphina’s route. As such, relationship stat changes won’t be listed.

Chapter 6

  • If magician: I went with Seraphina. No matter my opinion on that, her offer to come along with me was kind. “I just want to go to sleep. Pleeeeeeeeease.“ (emotions +4)
  • Investigate the Delacroix Massacre, "I’m going to keep investigating—are you in or not?” (emotions +3)

Chapter 7

  • Emotions +1 automatically
  • If magician: Go into Seraphina’s dreams, “Well, this is the only way I can spend time with you…” (emotions +3)

Chapter 7, while in the library with Sera

  • “How are you doing today?” (emotions +3)
  • “Seraphina, can’t you just admit you care about me?” (emotions +3)
  • “Pretending you don’t have feelings doesn’t make them go away.” (emotions +1)

Chapter 9

  • Buy Briseis a toy as your present for Sera (emotions +1)
  • If following Seraphina to the graveyard, DON’T choose “…That’s a strange question, Seraphina. What do you mean?”

Chapter 11

  • If partnered with Seraphina in Control Magic: “Stop that! It’s completely wrong!” (emotions +5)
  • If partnered with Yakov in Control Magic: I won’t compel it. (emotions +5)
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Yeah I always play the funny character but it still never had her ask me out and I have no idea why

Only certain characters take the initiative and ask you out. Others, sera and yakov in particular, require you to take the initiative.


Like others have mentioned, Sera will never ask out MC; MC has to pursue her. @Fay’s guide for Sera romance works for successfully romancing Sera. Hope you enjoy it!

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Replaying this game with a kitsune!MC and since kitsunes has access to so many powers (elemental manipulation, shapeshifting, telekinesis, mind control(?) etc.) I doubt it’d be useful to scatter focus between all, so can someone tell me which power would be the best to focus on?

I can’t speak for illusion manipulation, but I’ve found that focusing on any of them will be fine. If you want to focus on shifting, I would recommend having a high fighting stat.

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In my opinion the elemental stat is the most useful. In the first book the player could pass a lot of stat checks by having a high elemental stat. I’ve played as a kitsune before and I feel like the elemental stat is easier to raise, more useful in battle, useful for the exams, and also the manticore in the solancae forest exam. That’s just my personal experience from the playthroughs.

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In-game my mc who ended with 34 elemental manipulation was less than impressed by his elemental powers. Of course he has no fine control over them and can barely control said ice manipulation with next to no control over his supposed light manipulation powers (if you even try those the mc always has to be “rescued” by Sera and Briseis before they blind everybody, including themselves). :unamused:

Furthermore those ice manipulation powers failed at exactly the crucial time in the final battle (that single 35 stat check), which leads to having to be rescued by Leon. :angel:

Still the author did say that in some cases the mc can try to further investigate why their own powers, if they are a magi never manifested spontaneously on their own. I hope that it is a thread that is still on and not going to be cut. My mc’s own instinct is that it might have been due to a precursor of the magic nullification device they have Alty working on that The Delacroix family and PME/Lysander may have devised to better control their new pet “keepers” :unamused:

Just don’t expect the mc to be able to chill their drinks and it is hell on their hand (maybe due to their lack of fine control) so you’ll probably have to “borrow” hand-creme from Leon, Astrid or Sera too.

Wait!? Alty broke up with Cressida? I always thought and assumed from the scene we see in-game that is was the other way around.
On the one hand I do feel less guilty for “poaching” Alty now.

On the other, unlike with Cressy, being with my mc will probably be far from “easy” for both of them. Rather it’s difficult and will require bridging social class, wealth, knowledge and skill gaps just for starters.

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Different elements have different benefits. So far I’ve only tried fire, lightning, punch magic. I should probably try ice :snowflake:



Seems it’s been too long since I played this game. Managed to complately mess up the forest exam. XD So fire is effective against the manticore? What is effective against the hydra?

Lightning is the most effective against the hydra

Oh, I know this is completely out of the blue and this post is like 13+ days old, but there’s a Discord server for KotSaM if anyone’s interested:

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